Skullgirls HipHop Remix by Tetsu


hey guys just made this today. i picked up the OST last night since the music in the game is amazing and i decided to make a mix. hope you guys enjoy if you have a request i can try to make a mix out of it :tup:!


version with Bone thugs


I’m down with this.


if you dont mind rate and subcribe too me on youtube. :tup:


Pretty sick stuff bro.
I’m heavyjugz btw haha
Remix this.



^ kk ill give it a try. this one will be fun


Streets of New Meridiean sounds too much like Rush to me, anyways.

Blend them. Make it happen.




lol i dont know if ill be able too do that >.< only thing i can try is make a hiphop remix




This one is pretty legit already.



DUDE! that is some dope stuff. im loving it.


thanks man :tup: yo sorry my brother was on when you msg’d me about the ft10. hit me up tomorrow man i might be stuck makin some music though!


ah snap man i didnt know that was you :tup:
i have only gotten to play you a hand full of times, your usually playing my brother


No worries. ill be busy until thursday night, ill hit you up then. i look forward to the next mix.


not a remix of any sort just a beat i made. listen too it all the way through the beat builts the whole way through. really starts at 1:27 too hit hard




Fuggin Awesome!


ty!! subscribe and like me on youtube guys!




Merged the two threads together :3


kk coo ty. sorry about that MC >.<