Skullgirls: Homebrew(?)

Someone’s decided to make their own 2d fighter, you can check it out here:

wow, i’m really surprised that you found this fmj, it’s actually a close friend of mine who’s making it and i’ve been kinda taking part in testing and advising stuff since he dosn’t know that much technical stuff about fighting games, but yeah, it’s been going slow and when you play the demo just realize that it’s a work that’s WAY in progress and no where near being finished yet.

edit: also, any free hands for sprite work or programming?

Looks like fun, hope to see more of it in the future :D!

i draw fanart for the dude and bug him from time to time! too bad my pc is too fucking slow to play any of the demos :7)

Looks pretty nice. :tup: props to the makers, and I hope we caan egt our hands on the finished project.

i’ve always had my own aspirations of doing something like this myself but seeing others already well on their way makes me a bit a envious

hope to see more of this in the future

damn that game looks hella stylized

I’m familiar with the artist through his work having appeared in various indy comics. I’m also greatly interested that they’re still accepting volunteers to help out, but I can only really contribute artistically, and there’s already a large number of artists involved. Needs more programmers!

This also looks like Zazzarius: The Fighter.

This project certainly looks like it could turn out to be something. As some of you may know I’ve struggled with developing my own 2D fighter, and it’s good to see someone else developing a fighter independently. It seems to have some style which other indy projects lack, but it’s very very early in development and don’t expect to see anything really playable for a while.

Look awesome so far.

I was researching XNA for a 3d (non-fighting) project, and somehow got linked there. Good luck with it

wow, I’m usually totally with the indy/doujin ftg scene and this one seemed to slip by me. Looks pretty good.

Hey that’s pretty kick ass. I have to give it a try when I get home from work. I like the gothic styling. Definitely looks like my kinda game… so is there a boss planned yet?

no bosses in mind yet, but at our meetings were comming up with some very intresting ideas for fighting system. i’m really excited about it because i think it really is going to feel diffrent from other fighters. i basically gave him a list of fighting games to look at so he could get the feel for them and at the start, he tried to take pretty much everything technical from every fighting game like rolls, dodges, parries combo breaks and all that shit.
being enthusiasic and taking that shotgun approach is all good and great, but imo and what i told him is i fucking hate games that are saturated with that shit. no offense to ggxx players, but i belive that the new ggxx will be like the hardest game to pick up because they are fuck festing it with all these universal moves, like 56 kinds of blocks and guards and uses of meter and just layering shit on and on.
it’s going to be mad hard for people who are learning that shit to actually get to some real level play as well as even for the causal ggxx player.
my favorite game is 3s and that shit only has like parries, stuns, super, quick getup and ex bar and it’s an exrtremely deep game. you can gave a super easy game to learn and it be deep with only a few elements
saying that, the unique things that have me excited in the game are:

this is essentially a super sayin mode that everyone will have kinda like zappa has the raoh super or sakura has dark sakura (that example is gay though) and will be very unique. all these beast modes will have diffrent specials and supers and what-not

basically, he was going to be putting in dodges, parries, jds and everything over the sun, but i kinda talked to him about that saturation bit and i think the main part of his game that would really make it unique is this. basically, if you tap b+guard at the right time, you can dodge a move and if you press forward, can go behind them for an attack advantage. if they know that you’re going to dodge, they can press f+guard for a counter attack. this system can lead to some interesting exchanges like dodge baits (purposefully making them dodge so you can counter them), or anti-dodge baiting (the dodger knowing fully that the opponent will counter attack, so instead waits for the counter attack hit and DODGES THAT or just blocks it and then attacks again or whatever) anyways we are still working out the kinks, but like parries in 3s, this could be the crux of this game

like in cvs2 when you can get up immediately but instead, you can dash forward or slide backwards. kinda like in animes where like ninjas get knocked on their feet and then spring back forward for an offensive or slide back and run. i belive this is unique too and will make the game even more offensive (or turtley, god forbid).

anyways, i’m glad you guys are into it and if i have any descrepancies, i’ll ask you guys

Quick get up ala Darkstalkers, yes :P?

Kewl, thanks for checking it out, we need as much feedback as possible. Please download the game test and let us know what you think on our forum.

That looks really good, thanks for linking it up. the ideas sound really interesting. Any new 2d fighting game is good news to me.

Whatever happened to the fighting game that people from SRK were working on? I remember some really interesting ideas, like “briefcase guy”.

anyway, I hope you get the OSX stuff working soon, I don’t have windows at home till I get my PC fixed.

I basically decided “briefcase” guy wasn’t going to be in the game. Nobody who posted really came up with a compelling story and plot, so I’ve put it on hold while working on the story. The engine got to such a level where I could just develop all the systems for the characters individually without too much more developing on the engine itself.

now i just wish i were involved :sad:

What kind of programming? I might be able to fit some in on the side if I can find time and if isn’t an area where i would need to do too much extra research.