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Current Media as of 11/06/11:

Official Company Sites:

Reverge Labs Site
Konami Skullgirls Page
Official Skullgirls Youtube Page
Skullgirls Twitter
Skullgirls Facebook Page
Alex Ahad’s Deviant Art Page
Legendary Skullgirls Live Journal Page

Other Related Media:

Top Tier Gaming on - Has some stream archives on there.
Top Tier Gaming on Youtube - Has some stream archives on there.
SRK Skullgirls Wiki
SRK Front Page News Inside Xbox Interview With Skullgirls Community Manager Ravidrath
Skullgirls on Giant Bomb
Play Magazine Q&A w/ Mike Z
Game Trailers Ms. Fortune Walkthrough
Game Trailers Parasoul Walkthrough
Game Trailers Painwheel Walkthrough Part 1 Part 2
Game Trailers General Game Updates Part 1 Part 2
Game Trailers Best Fighting Games of 2012 (Skullgirls Mentioned as Highly Anticipated)
Moonhawk Studios S05E17 Skullgirls Interview @ 17:50
Geek Mythology Skullgirls Talk in German - Translation by seyu
Painwheel Exclusive on SRK
NYCC Interview with Ravidrath
VG Tribune NYCC Skullgirls Preview
Pixelitis NYCC Skullgirls Preview
Gamer Haven NYCC Hands on with Skullgirls
1UP NYCC Skullgirls Preview
The Escapist Skullgirls Preview
Playstation Blog: Skullgirls Diary
IGN Skullgirls Developer Commentary: Training Mode
Totally Rockin’: Skullgirls Character Breakdown ft. Master Chibi Part 1 Part 2
INC Gamers Getting Dirty With The Skullgirls [Interview]
Eurogamer Skullgirls Sexism Complaints Are "Misplaced and Shallow Chivalry"
CVG Skullgirls: Fixing Fighting Games?
Tom’s Games Presentation Skullgirls [French] [Translation]
GameSpot Plays Skullgirls
IGN Skullgirls The Short Skirt War Sanchez vs. Mike Z
G4 TV Skullgirls Hands on Preview with Adam Sessler and Mike Z (first peak at a a bit of Valentine footage)
IPW Exclusive! Painwheel Combo Exhibition
IPW Exclusive! Ms. Fortune Combo Exhibition
IPW Exclusive! Valentine Combo Exhibition
IPW Exclusive! Peacock Combo Exhibition
Game Trailers Painwheel Developer Commentary
Skullgirls: Commencing Project 0-84 - Project Painwheel Official Painwheel Trailer Skullgirls Preview Preview: Skullgirls
Inside Xbox Featured Video: Skullgirls
GT Watch The Best Of The Best Duke It Out At SoCal Regionals
Skullgirls for PS3 (PSN): Story Mode Trailer

Match Vids:

FNF #1 Grinta vs. Mike Z
FNF #2 Thongboy Bebop vs. Mike Z
FNF #3 Chilldog vs. Jayford
FNF #4 Dyselon vs. Jason D
FNF #5 Jason D vs. Pizzarino
FNF #6 Jason D vs. Mike Z
FNF #7 Hellfromabove vs. GDLK Scrub
FNF #8 CopperDabbit vs. TheBiter
FNF #9 JMZ vs. Fanatiq
FNF #10 Master Chibi vs. Rithli
FNF #11 NegaDuck vs. Dyselon
FNF #12 Severin vs. JMZ
FNF #13 Jason D vs. Dyselon
FNF #14 Pizzarino vs. JMZ
FNF #15 Mike Z vs. Severin
FNF #16 ??? vs. ???
FNF #17 Dacidbro vs. Mike Z
FNF #18 Dyselon vs. Jason D
FNF #19 Sanchez vs. Render
Seasons Beatings Darshawn vs. Thomas by LordHollow
NYCC Mocombo John vs. Twintail Fox
NYCC Skullgirls Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
NYCC MYLifeIsAnRPG vs. Dave Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay SoSaysNatal Part 1 Part 2
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay radiophonics
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay Get Selious vs. OmegaNITRO
NYCC Livewire vs. BurnerAzR Part 1 Part 2
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay captainnikolai25
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay cvvk2501
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay thegamerhub
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay supersonic4454
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay and Information kuroeleven
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay nvtee89 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay and In Depth Breakdown ft. Master Chibi
NYCC Skullgirls Gameplay nvtee89 vs. Master Chibi
NYCC DaELFGokuilo vs. Master Chibi by nvtee89
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 1: At My Limit vs. ODD03
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 4: Baloney O’s vs. OFC Kingsley
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 5: Copper Dabbit vs. At My Limit
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 7: Baloney O’s vs. Dantarion
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 8: Baloney O’s vs. Copper Dabbit
SCR '11 Skullgirls Round 9: ODD03 vs. Copper Dabbit

Downloadable Vids:

All FNF videos except for 8 & 11

I will be updating this post with the posts from this thread to keep everything organized. Still looking for FNF #9 if anyone has it.

-Tha Hindu

Skull Girl Stream!



Added both your guys’ links to the first post. When you guys post something in here go ahead and leave a title for it so people know what they’re clicking on. Also, can someone link FNF #9 so I can add it to the list.

-Tha Hindu


Developer commentary: Miss Fortune

Developer commentary: Parasoul


Download FNF 11-4 here


I’ll add a dl category in the first post as well since some people have problems viewing the videos on IGN and GT.

-Tha Hindu


Added FNF #12 and the Downloadable Section for those that have a hard time viewing videos on GT etc.

If you guys see videos that should be in the list but are not please post them up. I’ll then add them to the list.

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heres FNF #9:


FNF 13


Will add the new links to the main post.

-Tha Hindu


Interviews and Previews

Translation of the french preview: Skullgirls GD, Part 2 XD!

Gamespot plays Skullgirls


I’ll add these to the first topic. Thanks Mr. X.

-Tha Hindu

EDIT: I added in FNF #14 Pizzarino vs. JMZ as well. No one posted it here so I didn’t have any knowledge of it until I visited the GT site.


CTRL+F’ed my name and didn’t see it.

Yes, I am a huge douche.


Lol Sanchez, did you give the video that name? Also, do you know who you were playing in this video? I don’t think it was an FNF, was it?

-Tha Hindu


This was against Mike.


Cool, I’ll add it to the first post.

-Tha Hindu



Thanks Firekid, added it to the first post.

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Added the G4TV gameplay with adam, mike, and the small teaser of valentine to the first post.

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