Skullgirls NOT so OFFICIAL tourney at Season's Beatings Ascencion (Sep 28th-30th Cleveland OH)


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Will have more info as things develop. The info just got in today so you won’t see it on the registration yet. Apparently Ghaleon is in talks with Autumn Games also so there might be some extra incentives also.


I don’t know how to describe this shit.

Duckie, I know you’re gonna comment on this eventually.

Fuck everything I said.

I’m going, even if it has to be alone.

Time to play every single day against fucking everyone.

Goddamnit I can’t sleep.


For anybody doubting this game…we gonna get real LOUD AND PROUD this fall. Definitely hope at least top 8 or 4 gets on stream. Hopefully the patch is out by then so we can actually practice the version Mike Z and some others are already practicing on.

Wanna see all the Based Broads heads make it out and show this game deserves the development hours put into it. It’s basically a fighting game still in development in my eyes except we get to play it as it develops. So much potential coming up with this game. Let’s get it in.

The biggest strength to any fighting game is the people and the HYPE. HYPE THIS SHIT UP. Met plenty of people at Otakon who had just barely heard of the game or saw it for the first time and thought it looked amazing. Hopefully some of those people see this and make it out.


Good shit, I’ll be watching out for that top 8.


I do not actually see where Ghaleon mentions SG being officially part of SB. Could someone point it out to me?

Also, 1200 to fly to Cleveland and back, 550 to bus but it’s a three day trip.

Are you considering SB in the event SG is there? Since you probably best represent the Vancouver scene, it’d be sweet if you went and I’d go with/help you get out there if you were down.



My ticket is like 130 round trip.


Canada, probably the West Coast.


Oh, Canada all the way to SB.

More power to you.

89 a night plus 125 (30 FUCKING HOUR) train, that’s not bad at all, about the same as when my friends and I drove to FR.


Yeah, Vancouver BC. It’s a big reason why I don’t go to these tournaments (But I will stream monster so hard). There isn’t a hope in hell I could make my money back (As let’s be honest, I’m going to the tourney as a Pot monster). My support for the game is limited because of it. Also, I’m a dirty Vancouver local and don’t have a driver’s license, which isn’t helping.

Girly is prrrobably the best Van player so my money may be better spent helping him go to some of these tournaments rather than go myself.


Does girlstyle have a psn?

I must play against everyone every damn day.


He sure does! He runs a mean Parasoul ship, so you better get some games in. And if he bodies you too hard we can play a bit until you level up.


oh thats right everypoweranger totally forgot about that


Good luck to everyone going. I’m DEFINITELY unavailable that weekend.

Compounding the fact it’s 10 hours away, I can’t even take the trains there since I will be spending that weekend in Atlanta with the wife.


This sadness…

Fine, you will train me and I will take your spirit with me.


I will likely be bodying people in ATL (unfortunately not in a tournament… ugh).


Can’t even make Act 4?


ACT 4 is in October. So yeah, I’ll make that no problem.

The weekend of Season’s Beatings is also Anime Weekend Atlanta, a con that my wife has never been to (although I have and the game room experience was pretty dismal).

Love makes you do crazy things, but marriage forces you to. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news, I talked to Autumn Games today – will update ASAP with any news of official support!


If that post was a woman I’d make love to it all day. News would be nice, though waiting is acceptable as well.


i actually didn’t noticed, luckily i was paroozing.

I would like to go, will make a decision mid-september most likely. Depends on what contracts I can pick up between now and then.

EDIT: is that 550 round trip?