Skullgirls online dead currently? Or is it just me?


I played Skullgirls earlier on and tried to play some online matches. However I couldn’t seem to find anyone in ranked Europe/West Coast America. The unranked rooms were empty also, for every region except for one room.
However I do have NAT type 2 right now, so I was thinking it may be a cause of this. But is anyone else seeing a shortage of games in Skullgirls?
Or perhaps everyone is waiting for the next patch?

EDIT: Also, I’m playing on the PS3 version.


It can be hard to find matches sometimes using quickplay, but if you post in the PSN matchmaking thread, generally somebody will get back to you fairly quickly for some games :slight_smile:


Certain times of day I get a lot of matches other times very few. I live in a major city though.

Overall, since this is an indie game its sales can’t compare to other games and so you won’t really be able to get matches with as much success as you can with something like SF4


Haha, I’m a bit scared to challenge anyone on SRK until I get a fightstick and get used to it (really hoping I can pick up that Qanba eLive pro RF before they run out).
Even though Skullgirls is much more forgiving for pad players than Street Fighter, right now I wouldn’t go challenging anyone :wink:


What are you talking about, man? The controller doesn’t make the player, experience and willingness to practice does. I only use a pad, and I’m pretty damn decent. I haven’t been able to capture instances of my ability quite yet, but there are a handful of members here who could tell you (scrub saibot and evilweevle off the top of my head). Everyone else is either on another system, had one or two bad matchups with me, or is named ‘ataconzi’.


PS3 ranked is bugged. Wait for the patch.


Don’t be! If you wanna play SG with us, then we want to play SG with you. Skill comes with practice.


Getting your butt kicked builds character. I have loads of character saved up by now.


Well, I find Z and double quarter movements to be a real bitch on a D-pad. You can argue that that’s not a really amazing reason to dish out €200 on a good quality stick (shipping costs to Ireland for Qanba sticks are immense), but there’s only so much I can do on a pad with my gargantuan hands, as well as thumb becoming a bit sore after too much PS3 D-pad use. I’d just rather use a stick.
Also, since 24Mb broadband is finally available in my area, I’ll start to play with some of you guys if/when I get the upgrade. ;D


I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single double quarter movement in Skullgirls, so you should be safe there.


It’s a fine reason to get a stick if you actually want one.
There really aren’t any double QCF motions in this game though and the Z’s are really lenient just do


Tons of people play on ps3 idk what you mean, whenever i get on i get a match in like 5min or less. Open a lobby or something, don’t try to go to ranked cause ranked is dead.


The D-pad? Is that what everyone uses? Huh. I use the anolog stick (on a 360 pad), and those motions are easy for me. I didn’t even know that people had trouble with them. I tried to use the d-pad when I first started (SFA3), but it didn’t work out for me, and I found out that the 360 stick worked perfect for me when I started playing SF4.

But, yeah, you don’t need to justify your own purchases with your own money to me, or any other complete stranger. I look forward to playing you, though.


Actually you don’t even need that last forward direction.

Yes! But it looks like the 360 dpad is pretty awful and HC3P is for PC and PS3 only unless you mod it.


Well bro, American games aren’t really an option right now for me, and that’d be where most people would be playing I’d assume. I did search for unranked lobbies but only one showed out of all regions. I’ll have a go at changing my NAT Type to 1 when I get the chance and will see if it makes a big difference.


ohhhh my bad i didn’t know you weren’t usa, yea you’ll need to wait for the patch


Yeah but It’s easiest for me this way, It’s how I do my DP’s in GG, lol.


If I do a full QCF after the F, there’s a rare chance I may have screwed up the timing or my finger position somehow and I end up performing the QCF attack. However if I leave that last F out, this never seems to happen. So I just stick to the shorter version.


xbox is DEAD. you can wait for like an hour and still noone will join your room, and whenever i try to join one there isnt one in the entire country waiting for me

also all the great players i have on my friends list dont go online very often so i never find anyone competent to play against


Being in Hawaii, I’m limited to the WC-est of the WC peeps. I still manage to find somebody to play who I haven’t friended, but it typically takes between 10 - 20 minutes to find a game. I play Odin Sphere in the downtime or read a book.

Though on the blue moon there are people who live midwest or further who have red ping and yet the connection is smooth.