Skullgirls online performance on PS3?


I’ve got a PS3 and would love to be playing SSFIV online, but it lags so, so bad.

Looking to get my online fighting fix elsewhere.

How does Skullgirls Encore perform on a PS3 for online games? If I hear reports that it’s not laggy I’m going to buy it.

Thanks for any help!


SG provides one of the better Netplay experiences in recent FG’s. As long as you’ve got a decent connection you won’t be disappointed.


SG has arguably the best netcode of any fighter out in the market at the moment because they’re the only ones that implement GGPO correctly.


Pretty freaking amazing. When it gets bad you do have rollback and random teleporting but that’s when you play with somebody who has a terribad connection. When you play somebody it’ll tell you the ping in MS along with putting the numbers in colors ranging from green to red. Green and Yellow are very playable, red is rough as all hell (but a bad connection is a bad connection, SG with GGPO does a good job of trying to make it work but only so much you can do). The player connect screen will also give you a suggestion on the GGPO dela, just follow it to a T and you will be good.


WOW. Fast responses! Thanks, will give it a shot!


Add me: Pertho14

I’ll take some time later on today to give you a couple of games. Don’t be discouraged though, the game is brutal to start. So don’t get too mad at the ass whooping I’m giving.


If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask either in the newbie section of the Skullgirls section (though it’s not as active as it used to be), or better yet, via PMs.


Moving to the Skullgirls area. :tup:


Im from the land of PC gaming, where everyone on a fighting game has 56kbs + torrents downloading at all times. And even in these horrid lands, Skullgirls brings us lag-minimal joy. The game has great netcode.