Skullgirls OTT! -Random select is top tier


This thread is basically just a thread to talk and converse with other members from the [S]Marvel 3[/S] Skullgirls forums about things loosely or not at all related to the [S]Marvel vs Capcom 3[/S] Skullgirls series.

Rule 1: Please don’t makes posts containing only images, videos, and memes “except where absolutely necessary” (and that being open to common sense) so that we can keep the thread from spiraling down into insanity.

Rule 2: Be nice!

Have at you.

SRK Lounge: aka Facebook/livejournal for GD ...or you know...not


Kidding, I asked JSD to do this. :tup:

Really though, we need a place to socialize. Keeps the scene together. This is your thread, and you build it and shape it as you guys see fit. Just don’t let it get stupid in here, okay?

To reiterate on rule #1 up there, don’t make one-word posts, or posts containing just an image or emote with no other content. Just use some common sense and have fun. If you see me in here, it’s acting as just another Skullgirls fan, not as a moderator, unless someone breaks the rules or gets reported. I’m here to enjoy myself, too.

If I do have to come in here as a mod, I’m warning those who innocently break rules, infracting those doing it willingly, and bitch-slapping people giving you guys trouble. Again, a little application of common sense from all of us goes a looooooong way.


So, what happened to all of those ask blogs? >_>


I rove you Jet Set Dizzy

and Duckie too.

That said,


What up y’all :sunglasses:


Great to have our convo back, thanks Duckie.


AC+R got me hype as hell, so I’ve been playing AC a lot recently. GG is too good. Also tried GGX and attempted the Jam infinite, as well as looking at the glitches that became Jump Install, 1F Jump, and such.

Been playing SG some, but really only in training…and those two random onlines where it was essentially training room all over. People don’t like to block when being combo’d, so my shitty execution from not playing as much becomes constant resets at times. Oh well.

Also been playing MvC2, Alpha 2, and some SNK games (XI, 2002UM, Rage of the Dragons)

Good to see Ben Perkins has been taken off his leash.


So a friend sent me a picture of him stealth trolling a Poison cosplayer at EVO. The first thing I noticed wasn’t him, nor Poison… but Petey Fuckin’ Bartholow, in the wild.


I miss Ravid. He’s cool.


AC+R is going to be too good, can’t wait.

Jojo, whether silly anime game or possible competitive game, still hyped for it.


Yeah I’m really hyped for AC+R too. The changes look so fun. Also I’m super curious about that Jojo’s game. I loved the capcom one and I’m probably gonna try to read the manga soon.


If Jojo’s remains Ps3-only I will tear my robes and weep

and then ebay a PS3 in the night.

I’m excited for Sleeping Dogs, Transformers FOC, and AC3!

…but none of those are fighting games :frowning:


Are you still going to play Justice though?
I like the artstyle of the game, but CyberConnect2 is just…eh. I might be getting a new arcade stick that will actually be compatible with my CPU soon, so I can start actually playing the games I have on FBA/GGPO. RoTD, JoJos, Cyberbots, Vampire, XvSF, etc. Maybe soon.

Also, fuck poison ivy. Fuck this shit.


I missed this thread.


Dishonored looks awesome as hell. So does Max Anarchy.


Had it preordered since like last September. I’m not gonna import because I’m losing cash rapidly.


Does Mike Z still post here?


Lol I really hope they reconsider giving her an air dash or something.

Yeah, mostly over here Patch Q: Would you prefer a slight speed increase?


Yes I will be playing Justice, that Venom trolling though lol.

Me and you need to Cyberbots sometime.


They just need to give her a way to deal with getting in, wether it be a normal version of her FB Dash that doens’t have a hitbox and leaves her in CH state until it ends, an actual dash, or some other way

If I get the stick and learn the game, sure.

I started learning Testament, and then the AC+R changes came in and made me sad. I might still learn him, but I might also pick up Venom and/or Jam.


PS3 stick doesn’t work on your PC?