Skullgirls: Pad friendly?

I have the urge to start playing Skullgirls seriously, but lack the time to sit down and commit to learning stick, let alone buy one. Is it possible to do well playing SG on pad or is it not worth the trouble?

The game plays excellently on pad. In fact you can just use your default console controller. You’d be amazed at how fluid it is.

This is the first game where I feel comfortable with using the left analog stick, when it’s usually ignored in lieu of the more responsive d-pad. Doing 360/720 motions is effortless with it.

You can play Skullgirls on pad just like you can play any game on pad. The only difficult games for pad are ones which require excessive pianoing like Vampire Savior, or games with a lot of button combinations and lack of macro options, but nowadays those don’t really exist.

That’s awesome. Thanks for the input, guys!