Skullgirls PC Port

Skullgirls confirmed for a PC release later this year

[LEFT]Cross platform play with PS3 to be expected a few months after release[/LEFT]

[FONT=times new roman]The game will be available from GameFly, GamersGate, GameStop PC Downloads, Origin and Steam. [/FONT]

Mike Z said on the Ultrachen show they are working on a PC Port, so yes the info is correct.


Yeah, Release the game on Steam with maybe Steamworks, Do a promo with Valve with TF2 hats so the sales will boost and dont add Games For Windows Live because nobody use that and its unfrlendly for the user.

Then your game will sell a lot, and fees for patches are cheaper on Steam, so you dont have to worry so much.

If you put it on Steam with Steamworks, I will pre order this TWICE.

Anyone got a link to this? Don’t remember it coming up during first attack/lv.3…

For what it’s worth.


Cmon Mike, I only want to hear “Yeah Summer 2012”.

there will be a pc version. i would eat a hat if there wasn’t. its not even going to come down to success, the game is ready for pc. (any xbox live game is EASY to port over, in fact in most cases i have seen, an xbox live game IS a pc game.)

RL say it was simply due to company size. i will happily believe that, as im sure im ignorant to many complications on top of simply having the game woking on pc in its rawest form.

but yeah, this is not a re-coding development process. this is the complications and niggles associated with a paltform as broad as the pc. and its why they are ignoring it for now. as they want to work on patches and dlc for the console version before diverting their small team elswhere.

all speculation of course. apologies if i made it sound like, i knew this as fact :slight_smile:

PC version can be the best version because:

You know why Mike Z and their team cant patch the movelist at the moment? because Sony and Microsoft fees for patches are too high, then they are triying to make a compilation of fixes in a single patch.

In Steam you dont have this problem, Dungeon Defenders developers left consoles because of this and they did a great success.

In Steam, if someone discovers a glitch or something they can patch it in less than a week, also having DLC characters hosting is cheap.

Not to mention that they removed Team Blockbusters because of the lack of power on consoles, also resolution cap.

Also if they add Steamworks or DRM Free will be the first official fighter with good online, not like Capcom fighters and their annoying Games for Windows Live.

So Mike, if you do a great job porting this to PC, I will support you in crowfunding if you need money for more DLC chars, Skullgirls 2 or another fighting title.

Skullgirls on Steam would result in me buying 1 or 2 4-packs and gifting copies to my friends, whether they asked for it or not. Especially if GGPO was maintained - is that possible?

Is anyone considering the possibility of a release alongside the dlc for consoles as a bundled “ultimate” “supreme” or “goty” edition? I’d of course hate it too, but that seems like a better time to port, right? When there’s a resurgence of interest/second wind type of thing?

Also they had problems at launch on consoles, in Xbox 360 suffers long loading times and a bad streaming of files, in PS3 they did a good launch in North America but not in Europe where the game is not in the store yet because SCEE is too slow and thats bad for the sales

This game belongs to PC and I know this when I saw the ping numbers and not stupid colored bars.

Yeah please Steam PC port no GFWL(anything on that deserves a boycott) and a Vice a Versa hat for the Heavy. That will all be good.

Yeah, TF2 players loves hats and if they do a promotion with Valve, with Cerebellas Hat, Fortunes ears and Valentines Cap that will boost the sales a lot.

C’mon people! Demand SteamGirls!

Time to make an account on steam just to demand this game on the forums…

I’ve got a dozen friends who would get it if it’s released on the PC. Including me which already bought it on the PS3.
The interest is certainly here.

Actually hats and all that fucking shit ruined TF2, but let’s not get into that. It would certainly boost sales.

Great that It is coming to PC but…

Can we get a release date?