Skullgirls Player List

I just wanted to throw this list in here to make things much easier. Having a list where people can just apply for everyone on the fly is a great thing. Also it`s not as nervebreaking when having to go through multiple thread pages. Thanks to everyone that contributed and helped out with the list during the Salty Cupcakes Stream.
Please make sure to add your info in this list to keep things up to date.
Skullgirls Player List

added my details to the list.

This is really cool.

Man it’s like an awesome Excel spreadsheet chat room lol

Added myself even though I obviously have the Australian players that on their already on my list.

How many times will I sign up for a Skullgirls player list?

Why the fuck can’t I add myself to the list?


Throw myself on to the list.

Totally added myself to that list


Added myself. Xbox Only atm, waiting on “dat patch” mainly.

If patch doesn’t come soon-ish. I’m shelling out for a PS3 and will update my creds accordingly.

Either way. PC Release, I’ll be on dat Steam.

How can I find out who changed my skill level?

Apparently Zidane sucks big cock.

Haha, I thought you wrote that. XD

If it was me, I would have signed it: “Better solobella than you, Austin.”

Can this get a sticky? It seems important enough.

This is Coolz.

I did it! now let’s punch.

And done.

Woo, less go MyLifeIsAnRPG. The only people with the same name across all platforms. That makes us the best.

As for stickying, the stickies should probably cleaned out before adding another one. There’s at least a million of them up there already.

Yeah, Tier and Patch/Update threads could stand to be deleted, they’re pretty useless.