Skullgirls players going to EVO?


So basically this is for SG players to post whether they will be going to EVO or not this year, and also to help arrange salty suites/room sharing etc etc.

im likely going again this year and wondered if there were any other SG players who were looking to room share with people? I am likely arriving thurs aft before EVO (havent booked a flight or hotel yet) and just wanted to let people know i am up for room sharing at the Paris if anyone else was either wondering what they could do for accommodation, or already has a room. it would be cool to share with people who are going to be playing the same game so we can have after hours games/level up etc etc.

send me a PM if you want to roomshare.


I’ve got a few other people to ask first but i might be interested.


I’m going to EVO, but not for Skullgirls. Just got the game yesterday and too much training needs to be done in my main games :’(


I’m going to EVO with my wife, so room sharing is out of the question.