Skullgirls Players in Japan

If the UK players can try and get something sorted then why can’t we?

I’m just curious to see how many of us are out there. Maybe we can get some sessions going or just show it off at other events until everyone’s playing it :smiley:

I’m loosely in the Tokyo area. Right on the border with Yamanashi.


I used to live in Japan, but I’m back in NY now :(. Hopefully I’ll be able to live in Japan again :(.

I am in Yokohama. Just got fiber internet 2 weeks ago. Hit me up on PSN if you want to play matches (ukyo_rulz). Are there any FG events in the Tokyo area where Skullgirls can be played? I’ve personally been trying to attend FRB but they somehow always choose the only Saturday of every month where I have work.

Yar, I know there won’t be many people here because of the language barrier, but I’m sure there’s still a couple. (My Japanese is awful. I used Google Translate here :P)

Haha, same for me XD I keep trying to go and something keeps coming up. The times I have gone I always try slapping on SG for a while on the casuals set up. I don’t really know of any other events.

My internet is also garbage. I have one of those portable WiMax majiggers from au, but my apartment is in a really bad reception spot. SG’s magic netcode has let me play online with other Japanese players though. My PSN is Cellsai.

I know this isn’t the place to ask but I was wondering, how exactly do you overcome the language barrier since you live in Japan but your Japanese isn’t the best? I am actually curious about that…And I thought Japanese internet was good D:

If you’re in Japan and don’t know Japanese, unfortunately you’re usually hosed unless you’ve got a special arrangement (embassy/company work where they speak your language, international exchange program, etc.). Fortunately, if you’re learning Japanese while you’re there, it usually comes pretty quick despite how difficult it can be to master- being thrown headfirst into a situation where you can’t survive without a certain skill will do that to you.

When I was in an exchange program, I joined the school’s Aikido club without knowing much Japanese at all, and over 6 months I went from communicating mostly through hand gestures to understand most of what everybody can say (and being able to discern any words I didn’t know through context or being able to ask what it meant). I’m a lot better at Japanese now than I used to be… but I don’t live there anymore :(.

Japanese internet is pretty awesome, but surprisingly there are a lot of “dead zones”… sort of like how FIOS is super awesome for everybody in the USA if it’s actually available. I know that outside of the bigger cities it can be surprisingly hard to find internet hotspots and fast connections and etc. Another bonus here is that I feel a lot of Japanese people aren’t as proficient with the internet and computers as they might seem- I have a ton of friends there who were surprisingly out-of-the-loop when it came to doing anything with a PC outside of Microsoft Office >_>.

So is anyone planning on hitting up Final Round Bats in Tokyo this month?
It’s primarilly UMvC3 and Tekken, but there’s usually a casuals machine that Skullgirls can be stuck on :slight_smile: Plus there’s pizza.

Pretty much what Doshington said. I’m an English teacher in a school with 15 Japanese teachera of English ao I have no trouble communixating. They help out with any linguistic problems I come across for the most part. That combined with being actively discouraged to use Japanese in work means it’s a little hard to practice. (And I’m mad lazy)
As for internet, I use a portable WiFi dongle thing that works fine in most major cities at a nice fast pace, but my town is a little rural and my apartment is in the shadow of a mountain that blocks virtually all or the signal we do get.

(If i wasn’t beaten to the punch yet)

You beat me to the punch lol

Now I’m wondering if I should buy the game for the PS3; since I already have the 360 version.

That’s pretty nice. I thought they’d have a higher chance of a disc release there? (I remember reading that the Japanese market wasn’t big about DLCs)
I hope that they find the time to make an arcade cabinet for Skullgirls, as much as I’ve been repeating it over and over.

Most fighting game fans to my experience liked to hang out at the bigger arcades in Tokyo (there’s one in Takada no Baba in particular where I think they have some famous pro tournaments), and I have no doubt that if they put a single one in there, it’ll pique some interest. Get a bit lucky with the right ad placements or posters and etc. and soon enough there might just be a demand for more machines in more arcades, and etc.

I swear, I feel like this game is exactly the kind of game that can turn some heads in Japan…

I live in the middle of the mountains of Hokkaido. Wi-Fi hotspots are not a thing out here.

I also can’t speak Japanese.

Hit me up for Skullgirls PSN: KorbidonJP

Excellent news!

I know Peter has said in the past that a disc or arcade release would be ideal for Japan, but I imagine it’s a lot cheaper to get a game out on PSN than a physical release. There’s probably all sorts of hidden fees in getting a game onto Nesica cabinets, let alone producing their own stand alone machine. I’d guess it’d be released through other routes if it was possible.

However, time to make the best of the situation! I mentioned Final Round Bats 07 up above. That event is primarily based around the console exclusive UMvC3 and a lot of the players are former/current MvC2 players, so there’s a good chance at player crossovers. This’d be a good time to show up in force to rep the game!

I left a message on the FRB event page and Scott is open to a casual mini launch tournament. Let’s do this!

Another publisher we were talking to wanted to do a disc release after more characters were completed, but that fell through. Cyberfront was happy to just stick to the PSN release.

They even translated all the combo words, BTW.

Wow. Glad things are looking up Peter :slight_smile:

OK OK OK, just out of curiosity… what is 69’s “Dude!” in Japanese? :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent? That’s pretty weak. >_>

Congrats Ravidrath, your team definitely deserves good things.

If you happen to get other skullgirls players there, you should record it via camcorder that way we can all see your playstyle :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: