Skullgirls Playstation Store Download Problem :(

I just downloaded the Skullgirls game from PS Store and after 6KB…yes 6KB of data, it says the game is fully downloaded. I tried to download it again and it says ‘download complete’ at that exact same kb of data. I can’t find the game anywhere in my system and i’m scared I put £11.99 down the drain. Can u guys tell me what just happened??

Send ravidrath a private message. He might be able to help you.

Download the demo, the 6kb file is the unlock code.

I had no problem downloading games from the Japanese PSN store such as Dark Awake: The King has no Name. Like the previous post said, you should download the demo so that the game will end up on your hard drive. Gotta go try again with MvC2 just to clarify…