Skullgirls Regional Match Making


Sorry if this thread is off topic, so if it’s not fair game mods, please just remove it. I’m aware that there are regional forums on SRK, but I figure literally everyone who plays Skullgirls are Shoryuken comes by here (not to mention the regional threads for my locations are pretty dead). This thread is to find and meet up with people in real life to play Skullgirls with.

Post your location(s), area code, console, characters, and what you want to accomplish. Whether it be money matches, you want a training tutor, someone to do casuals with, or even if you want to know if there are enough people in your area to host a function or tourney.

I’m a college student so I bounce around location wise. During the school year, I’m in the Inland Empire (California 951), specifically Riverside and I attend UCR. However, during the summer and holiday breaks I live in the East Bay Area (510) but I’m not opposed to traveling as long as its not too far. This is my favorite video game now but I don’t have my friends who play it and my internet connection blows. I just want to meet more people to play casuals with and hopefully help me get better.


Charleston, VW
Xbox 360

Would love to play casuals with people locally if possible to up my game. Have literally found no one in my area that plays fighting games at all.


Good luck, lol, can’t think of any famous players in general from WV.


more like, players at all…


Edmonton, AB
360 and PS3

I’m working with a couple other people to set up a weekly streamed casuals night, but we need to get PVR equipment first. It would be great if we had a few more people.


San Gabriel, CA
Course I could always go to tournies…just don’t have transportation :-/



I will certainly go if there’s Skullgirls for sure, when will you know by?


Baldwin Park, CA 91706

I’ve been going to WNF, but I’m always up for more casuals and stuff.


We should get some casuals in, sure you’ll kick my ass but i need the experience lol


Just close enough where perhaps sometime this month I (along with Grayfox dare I say?) might drive by and visit you for casuals, if not this month, certainly in the fall, God I’d hate the salt playing your Cerebella but it’d be too much fun to pass up :stuck_out_tongue:


Systems: PS3 & Xbox360
Location: Los Angeles, CA (90066)
Characters: Main Valentine. Team with Fortune and Filia
Looking for: Late Night Casuals, Training, or any kind of game setups. I get on around 11pm PST nightly.

Does anyone know of a Santa Monica/ Venice/ Culver City scene? Im planning to start going to the Bi-Weekly events over at FFA in Granada Hills, CA. Would anyone like to carpool if you’re heading up there? Im local at Culver

Edit: added my details


System: 360
Location: Central PA (17022)
Character(s): Main, solo Bella • Shits N Giggle: Bella, Ms. Fortune, Filia
Looking for: Casuals, Practice, High level— ANYTHING. I’ll go pro with solo Bella or learn someone new with someone looking to learn this game. This game is my new addiction.


Yeah, definitely. Just lemme know when, and I’ll head over to you guys.


Sounds awesome, if you came over here we could even record with my PVR, though I must stress that I play Playstation and pad exclusively, so I have to play on PlayStation and am hoping that’s not a problem.


Location: Daly City Ca 95015
System: Xbox360
Characters: Valentine/Parasoul
Looking for: Casuals, Practice/mentor
pretty new to fighting games just trying to find someone to play to get better


So I’m moving back to the East Bay Area (510) (California) in a couple days, any Playstation players in the Bay Area?

BTW, I’d play you Justin Masuda, if you have a PS3 stick or your stick is modded for both. Daly City isn’t THAT far, lol.


Location: Hackensack, NJ 07652
System: PS3
Characters: Peacock / Parasoul

Talk to me~


Location: Calgary, AB
System: PS3
Characters: Solo Double/ Solo Filia

So sad :confused: im in calgary D: no one really wants to play it here


Have you talked to jimmypotato? I saw him playing it when it came out.