Skullgirls Regional Match Making


Yeah, definitely. Just lemme know when, and I’ll head over to you guys.


Sounds awesome, if you came over here we could even record with my PVR, though I must stress that I play Playstation and pad exclusively, so I have to play on PlayStation and am hoping that’s not a problem.


Location: Daly City Ca 95015
System: Xbox360
Characters: Valentine/Parasoul
Looking for: Casuals, Practice/mentor
pretty new to fighting games just trying to find someone to play to get better


So I’m moving back to the East Bay Area (510) (California) in a couple days, any Playstation players in the Bay Area?

BTW, I’d play you Justin Masuda, if you have a PS3 stick or your stick is modded for both. Daly City isn’t THAT far, lol.


Location: Hackensack, NJ 07652
System: PS3
Characters: Peacock / Parasoul

Talk to me~


Location: Calgary, AB
System: PS3
Characters: Solo Double/ Solo Filia

So sad :confused: im in calgary D: no one really wants to play it here


Have you talked to jimmypotato? I saw him playing it when it came out.


Damn unfortunately my stick is only for Xbox 360. Would have enjoyed actually playing someone in person instead of online. My roomate might buy a stick for ps3 I’ll let u know if this happens


Location: Northern NJ 07075, Near NYC (actually just south of Hackensack)
System: PS3 (but I have a converter for Xbox and PC)
Characters: Cerebella / Peacock

I’m willing to play anyone really, but mainly others who are still at the lower levels and still learning.


We are also having a tournament for SG in Edmonton on the 30th if you are interested in coming to that.


Location: Teaneck, NJ
System: Can play on both (GT: Asher SK)
Characters: Valentine / Peacock / Parasoul
Looking For: Training, Casuals


Location: Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA
System: PS360
Characters: Solo Valentine
Looking for:
[]Casual Scrims / Training / Practice / Friendlies
]Mid Level and above scrims that range from FT20s - FT100s (with breaks for analyzing and improving)
[]Research Partner, which includes but is not limited to;
]Theory Crafting
[]Experiments/Testing Theories
]Data Mining
[]Discussing Matchups
]Documenting Gimmicks and Tools
[*]Mastering the games overall mechanics and abusing them to the utmost.


Location: Fort Myers/Cape Coral FL
System: PS3
Characters: Double/Ms. Fortune
Looking For: Training

Man compared to NJ the gaming scene here succcks, no one to play with T_T


Why the hell aren’t SRK SG players in norcal?


Might as well use it.

Location: Repentigny, Quebec (around Montreal)
System: PS3
Characters : Nadia Fortune / Cerebella
Looking for: Any form of casual matches, friendlies. I WANT TO FIGHT


im gonna be moving to calgary around oct if youre still playing. im on xbox though.


Location: Wichita, KS
Console: PS3
Characters: Filia and Fortune team
Looking for: Casual matches, have fun

Doubt I’ll find anyone near me in this shitty bible belt :frowning:


If you two are still playing in August you should come to Alberta Beat Down 3 in Edmonton.



It would be pretty cool if there’s anyone in Honolulu, HI.
I have a PS3, I play Fortune and Double.
Looking for casual friendlies.