Skullgirls side at UFGT9?

Hey guys and gals of the SG forums. Keits’ just recently announced the game line up for UFGT9. While SG isn’t on the main list he’s very willingly to aid all community run events on the last day, Sunday. Unfortunately I forget I can’t do much from 4725 miles away. So I leave this to you guys, what do you think of a community run event at the “The Best Ran Major”? ^.^

“Community run side tournaments during finals Sunday are encouraged, and if you contact me, we’ll find you a time slot and space to gather and play through your bracket.”

I will see what I can do for this. I plan to attend ufgt but there’s a possibility I may be moving around then. If we could someone else for a backup that would be sweet.

If I go I’ll run it, but I would MUCH rather have someone that’s going 100% to run it. Because right now my chance of going is like… 40%.

I guess this won’t be needed anymore. xD

Skullgirls will be an official tournament at UFGT9 and CEO2013. Get ready mofos! It’s time to shine! \o/

I hope everyone shows up to this. <3

This is some fantastic news. Keits and Jebailey are really doin us SG monsters a big favor. I hope plenty of yall will be able to make it out



*Just replace Coal with Hype and there you go. That’s where SkullGirls is going.

Well, Keits always was SG’s big fan and supporter. Now that we showed numbers and passion he’s able to put SG in tournament legitimately.