Skullgirls Side Tournament [UPDATED WITH TOURNEY/ STREAM INFO]


Stream Information:

The tournament will be streamed all day on Friday and Saturday on my side tournament stream. I have currently thrown things in to full gear for making the stream a lot better visually and a lot more enjoyable for viewers. If things go according to plan I can guarantee that you viewers will not be disappointed. Click on the banner/ image below to be taken to the stream channel:

You can also follow the stream on twitter for information during the tournament that the viewers just aren’t able to see. Follow us @toptiergamingtv.


Start each day when the hall opens.

Start Time:

Tournies will start at 12pm and most likely go on all day.

Singles Tournament:

When: Friday July 6th
Entry Fee: $10/ per person
[]2/3 Rounds, 3/5 Finals
]Double Elimination
[]All ratios are allowed
]All current characters are allowed
[]All current stages are allowed
]Winner is allowed to switch order, but not characters or assists
Teams 3v3 Tournament:

**When: **Saturday July 7th
Entry Fee: $15/ per team
[]Pokemon Style Elimination (Winner stays)
]All ratios are allowed
[]All current characters are allowed
]All current stages are allowed
[*]Winner is allowed to switch order, but no characters or assists

If you have previously run a tourney or been to a major you know that it’s no walk in the park. I am in need of people who are able to lend their services over the course of the two days running brackets. I also need help with people who are pretty familiar with computers, mainly in the capturing department.

One thing that I do need to ask. I am in need of PS3 systems. I have a plethora of 360 systems and Asus monitors, but I don’t believe people would want to play the Skullgirls tournament on 360. I currently have 2 PS3 systems and am in need of more. We would greatly appreciate whoever would let us borrow their systems for the tourney.

I got a surprise for all of you as well for the people that won’t be able to attend Evo. More to come as I am allowed to post it.

-Tha Hindu

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Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!


-Tha Hindu


Post in this thread if you are planning on entering the tournament. It will most likely be singles only.

-Tha Hindu


My ability to go to EVO is iffy (I’m broke as shit and sales have been bad lately), but if I do go, it will be solely to enter this tournament!


I’m in!


What this guy said. I have no interest in any of the other games being played, but I’d love to go to throw down in SGs.


I’ll be at Evo and I’ll enter the SG tournament. o/


In there.


Im in there!


Sign me the fuck up. I’m going to EVO this year pretty much solely for the skullgirls tourney, main game or not.


I’ll be there.


Oh man I’m so glad this thread was here, I was about to ask if there’s going to be a SG tourney…

This is my first Evo I’ll be attending (!) and I signed up for Marvel and KOF but honestly…I’ll be practicing SG (And super turbo ;). I am crossing my fingers that this side tourney gets huge and lots of attention!


If I go (yes… times are so bad a writer for SRK may not go to evo) then I am in like flynn… and other assorted tales series characters


I am 100% confirmed. My flight and room are already booked.


If nothing gets announced by Reverge by mid to late May then I will just post up details myself.

-Tha Hindu


I’ll be entering.




I have about a 89% chance of going, and if I do, SIGN ME UP.


Gah I really need to start practicing Skullgirls… Surprised Stone isn’t in here yet.

I’m checking out cheap places to stay right now, if you want I can let you know if I find anything – i’ll probably have room since it looks like i’ll be traveling and staying solo. (still iffy no my SFxT partner, but I’m definitely wanting to compete in SC5 and the Skullgirls side tourny).

If you want to focus on actual travel expenses i won’t mind footing the room bill, provided I can find something I wouldn’t mind paying for by myself anyway, haha (which shouldn’t be ahrd, I find some close places that are only liek 50 bucks a night)


Stone and I play regularly. I let him know about it.

-Tha Hindu