Skullgirls Skype-Chat Group


Guysss, post your skypes here… so I can add you and invite you to a skype-chat. Then we can discuss stuff without making the general thread seem like an Avery Cartoon :V


Join the Steamchat instead! 8o




my pc can’t run steam reliably :C


What PC runs Skype but not Steam :wtf:


it’s not system’s specs, it’s just random error messages and I’m not up to it right now


I don’t use Steam that much, though I’m in the group. XP
My skype name is the same as my username here, lkartillery


Neato! Add me, my name is uberdeluxe on skype.


add me as well. name’s Macarratti (what a shocker)


add me, zip0712


Go ahead and add me on Skype: ikka_paatang. Also, I joined the Skullgirls group on steam, I didn’t know it existed until right now :-/


Add me too!



add me up



lol, same here.

also thanks for your help with the speculation :stuck_out_tongue:
(I’m Etebossu on steam)


added all who posted, will add you to the group when you confirm my friend request c:


add me if you want: Thiediev


I’d totally be up for this~
If you don’t mind: nyamiu


so when do we start talking?


What kind of Skype group do you think this is?!


the kind where you talk?