Skullgirls to use Gamespy for PC/PS3 matchmaking and other news


I discussed the upcoming PC release of Skullgirls with one of the booth fellows at EVO (don’t recall his name, not Mike Z,) who made a few interesting notes. Since he was pretty forthcoming with the information I don’t think any of this is hush hush, thought I would share. Apologies if any of this is old news for you.

[]Skullgirls will use Gamespy for crossplatform PC/PS3 matchmaking. The initial estimate of this being put into place a few months after PC release is still accurate.
]Nothing conclusive on the PC release date- sounds like this Summer is still the target though.
[*]Upcoming DLC characters are in the works- the main bottleneck is the art, which is still being created for the characters.
The choice to use Gamespy is interesting, but I didn’t really grill him on the topic. Anyway, just thought I’d share!


Huh, interesting. I always thought steam will be used for crossplatform playing. Though until official clarification by Ravidrath or Mike Z, I will take this info with a grain of salt.


Oh I see! Its clever, Gamespy covers a lot of games even on consoles so the crossplatform will be easier than add Steamworks to the PS3 version.


If that means another login is required, then it’s a bad idea.


I agree with ya. i hate having to log in to game specific stuff if im already logged into a service. My experience is mainly from that ubisoft login thing or whatever for some of their games. I dont remember my login details after using it once for some game I dont even care to try to retrieve the info.


Another login is required if the developer wants, Borderlands use that and you have to log in again in the game (but its no much a problem since you can remember password and username) but Titan Quest does not need that and if PS3 will use that I dont think we wont see another login screen on PC.

I wonder which anticheat system they will use.


I’m not liking the decision to use Gamespy. Mortal Kombat uses Gamespy for it’s online and it’s terrible.


What you mean? the netcode?


Pretty sure what you’re thinking it does isn’t what it doing.

If you’re thinking it’s netcode quality, no.
If you’re thinking it’s match making, no.
Pretty sure it’s just the way PC and PS3 will mix players.

Either way, Ravid or Mike haven’t said anything about this.


Yeah also look this for the people that does not want a second login screen, MK AK does not have that, the online mode is very quick (if there are players around)

But thanks to god Skullgirls its steamworks and not GFWL.


I was thinking match making. No need to think of the netcode quality as GGPO got that covered