Skullgirls UK Scene


How many people here are from the UK, and where are you located? I want to set up a tournament but there aren’t enough players that I know about locally for me to do this. So I’m calling on you guys to help me find out where most SG players are/can get to and therefore where would be best to hold one. I am in Brighton so how many of you would be willing to come down here should I hold one?


I`m from germany and i wanted to do something similar aswell. Maybe i should go ahead and put something into the local newspaper. I wonder if that would get any response.


The main active tournament players are i2chep (in London) and me (in Surrey, 30 mins from London). Chucat runs Skullgirls Sundays at Gamerbase Trocadero, but they’re currently on hold until the 360 patch is released because we can’t run SG on any of Gamerbase’s PS3 setups. Howtoread is another decent London player, but he doesn’t have a PS3 so he hasn’t been playing for a while.

As for other regions, there was a side tournament in EGL Manchester a few months back but every single entrant was from London; a few of the local players played casuals, but none of them entered the tourney. I think some Scottish players might have turned up to i46, but I’m not sure how big their scene is and whether or not they’re still playing.

I’d go down to Brighton for a tournament, but I’m not sure how convenient that is for the rest of the London players. Regardless, if you’re thinking of running something it’s definitely talking to Chucat about it. I don’t have his email address, so it’s probably easiest to talk to him on steam:


There’s a couple of casual players here in Lancashire, but the game’s never garnered much attention at our monthlies (probably down to @evilweevle leaving for the colonies! :)).

Maybe the Xbox patch/ EVO place will change that, can’t say…