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By posting in this subforum, you are agreeing to follow the Shoryuken site rules, in addition to the following subforum-specific rule:
[]When replying, do not quote images or videos. Remove the IMG or MEDIA tags from them before replying. Spoiler tags are not an exception! We aren’t trying to be mean, it just makes the forums a lot less uncluttered and easier to read. :slight_smile:
]Off-topic threads, salt threads (and the like) aren’t allowed anymore. We tried them, but they were deleted by admins. If you want to socialize, go check out the Lounge thread in the General Discussion section of the forums. It can be intimidating at first, but just be cool to people and they’ll be cool to you.
[*]**NEW 11/20/12 When making new threads, please label your threads with either “ROE” (Really Olde Edition) or “SDE” (Slightly Different Edition) so we can keep track of them! **Talk of v.1.0 should die down after the 360 patch release, but do this for the time being so we can keep new threads separate.
As a reminder: Please remember to be friendly and civil with everyone, especially if someone disagrees with something you said.

[][General FAQ]('The Skullgirls General FAQ
][Gamertag listing]('Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is ‘SkullgirlsSRK’]
[][XBox Live Matchmaking]('Skullgirls XBL Matchmaking Thread
][Playstation Network Matchmaking]('Skullgirls PSN Matchmaking Thread (Dat GPPO)
[*][Story Discussion]('Skull Girls Story Discussion Thread: ALERT! SPOILERS INBOUND!

Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

Couple of housekeeping bits:

– We’re going through and removing the bits in certain threads about getting infracted for doing things. I thought they were reminders of stuff you shouldn’t be doing anyway, but it seems people interpret it as us being too strict. We’re still going to enforce the site rules, delete off-topic posts, and infract when needed, we’re just not going to be so threatening about it. It’s really not that big of a deal, just use some common sense and observe the site rules and you’ll never see our bad sides. :slight_smile:

– I got an answer about why the Off-topic thread suddenly vanished. It’s because there was non-skullgirls stuff being discussed in there. I’m assuming the same with the salt thread. I’m really sorry about all that. I know they were fun, and a great way of getting to know each other, but this is above our heads and we can’t do anything about it. I’m still making my case, but for the time being just assume they’re not ever coming back. Yes, I know the UMvC3 thread has one. Enjoy it while it lasts, because I’m sure it just wasn’t noticed. If you want to socialize, head over to General Discussion. The people there aren’t as bad as you think they are, in fact I spend most of my time there.


No more giant caps lock screaming for me. I’ll be a good boy now :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated rules. Added a request to put “SDE” in new thread titles.