Skullgirls XBL Matchmaking Thread

Location: Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba
XBL: replicantTAP

solo Ms. Fortune currently

GT: mimeman1

I used to play solo Para but I recently teamed her up with Filia, so I’m pretty ass with her. at the moment.

Location: Midwest, Chicago,IL.

Yo gg last night mimeman


My version of this does more damage and is likely to stay even after the patch.

East Coast (southeastern)

Just a heads up, not sure if anyone in here, but if you play peacock/double, lose then send me a complaint message about my painwheel being cheap, please STFU and quit the game…

DS with da salt

XBL: KhaosMuffins
Southeast, Tennessee
I play solo Fortune and you can usually find me hosting an unranked lobby.

Games anyone?

I’m on now

Anybody want some games?

got my xbox live reactivated and I’m tired of making solos unable to move in ranked


I’m up for it if you’re still playing

I’m up for some
Gamertag: Alzurel
East Coast NJ
Mainly play Parasoul

GT: Anarchy Termini
NJ (East Coast)
Solo Val and solo Filia
First fighting game I’ve ever tried to get good at so don’t expect anything too good from me!

gg khaosmuffin! good shit

GT: Arkham VII
Region: East coast
I’m more of a beginner, so I’m still learning a few things.

Anyone up for games?

GGs yesterday. Seeing a good Fortune from the other side is kinda scary lol

GT: Norborb
US West Coast
Play Peacock/Valentine team but ive also messed with solo Miss Fortune.
Not claiming to be great at either.

Played you a few times late last night. GGs!