Skullgirls XBL Matchmaking Thread

Damn your Fortune is godly O_O

Anyone up for games?

Region East Coast, NA
I Play Valentine/Cerabella, I’m not amazing at the game, but I’m gonna be on alot and I’m always up for some matches.

XBL Sage18
Montreal, Canada
Solobella until she gets nerfed

XBL: Asher SK
East Coast
Valentine / Parasoul / Peacock (?)
OK, but not great either.

Still trying to figure out this video game, so add me for some unranked lobbies!

We really need some more active players in the XBL community. I need some people to spar with in preparation for Midwest Championships coming up in two weeks (especially since Psyken is trying to take my Foehammer stick from me). Send those friend requests and lobby invites, people!

I look for people to play with every single day, just send me a message before 1AM eastern even if I’m not online.

I can’t make it tonight though.

id play more but this games online is damn near unplayable half the time with all the slowdowns that happen on good connections.

i will be up for playing a lot of games soon but my stick in in bits atm in the middle of modding it ready for evo. if all goes well it will probs be done tomorrow sometime.

Region: west coast California
Team: Valentine/ Parasoul
Level: beginner

I’m always looking for good players to fight against!

GT: domo is special
Team: Painwheel/Double, and I run solo Double every now and then.
Region: West coast, Seattle area.
Level: I placed 3rd at Northwest Majors, so I guess i’m not that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Games anyone?

Nvm I’m watching CEO

East Coast
Using parasoul/double
still usually on mvc2 a lot but im trying to branch more into this game.

Anyone here up for some games?

Anyone here up for some games?

I’ve got some time to play a few matches with anyone. Send me an invite any time :stuck_out_tongue:

Id like to play someone hit me up


i feel like some skullgirls (gotta break this cycle of trials evo)

someone hit me up if you fancy.

Sure I’ll play…

“**Vernon/Kelowna, BC” **