Skullgirls XBL Matchmaking Thread

You know what to do. Get your salty runbacks or make unranked rooms.

XBL: banananap

US, Eastcoast

Send those friend requests.

I definitely need to play against some Para, Painwheel, and Peacocks. dmbrandon on xbl if you main these characters.

Edit: EC.

filia/bella/soul player looking for anybody that wants to play. gt is p4ste :slight_smile:

EDIT: on the east coast

Pretty sure there is a sticky for this >.<
GT is the same as my SRK handle
US east coast

Somebody let’s have a sesh in unranked later today… or you know whenever.


*running solo till master painwheel, experimenting with others)

XBL: SRKilley
West Coast Canada

Currently using Painwheel/Double/Parasoul.

XBL: Anjon
US, East Coast

Playing Parasoul and Double/Cerebella/Painwheel

XBL:Mr Gruntypants
US East Coast


Can West Coast.

Usually solo Painwheel.
Not particularly good, looking to run sets unranked to help level up my game.

Reviving this thread so as not to spam GD and get infracted. /necromancy

Eastcoast Xbl Gt: avemcree

Im running painwheel and peacock or solo painwheel… Im thinking about painwheel and double especially after playing mastacj and marlinpies double jesus christ they are great at this game

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xbl: skawty888
West Coast
Valentine / Peacock / Parasoul

invite me/add me for practice sessions :slight_smile:

West Coast, SoCal
Fortune/ Valentine

invite/ add im always up for learning matches.

xbl: chachadesmond , first coast Masshole

i stream based broads every day

I’m in Hawaii, but get good connections with a few WC people, though no luck yet on anybody from the EC.

Anybody WC wanna play right now?

PSN: Uncivilized Elk

I’m competent, but no way in hell could I call myself “good”. However, I am very happy to get thrashed and manhandled as that would be a faster way to improve =D.

xbl: niddhogg

please add me ranked is free + boring

im pretty sure ive got you on my friends list actually. whitejam167 (temporary profile) pretty sure you bodied me as well. im currently a solo bella.

GT: whitejam167
westcoast(ish) canada

Ya pretty much everyone I play in ranked with less than 50 ping I send friend request. ggs! :slight_smile:

West Coast, Los Angeles here

GT: joe2187

anybody fancy some friendlies? i tried once this morning and it seemed there were only like 2 people even playing. both were shit connections as well

send me a friend request (whitejam167) since i wont be at the computer for a while. im nearer to the west coast.