Skullheart: The Official Skullgirls Forum (it's where everyone actually goes)!


Juuuuust in case you didn’t know already, a new forum popped up recently. Skullheart! Even if you have no plans on moving from SRK (even though you can be at both forums) you should check it out. It has some really nifty things there, and several Skullgirls players already visit. So, if you ain’t one of 'em, you need to re-prioritize your internet time for a minute!


You’re going to get a lot of traffic thanks to the SRK rework. Hahaha


The forum is looking better everyday(thank Vad for that), registered members are steadily climbing, and tourney events including the online gathering “SkullBats” are much more organized .

I’ll repeat what i said on some other thread already, the point of SH is not to be some Noah’s Ark preparing a mass exodus… its supposed to be a central hangout where the fandom could unite from the gaming aspect to the arts aspect to exchange ideas. No reason not to do SH and Srk in separate tabs if you personally prefer to frequent Srk still.

Update: Might as well say this too…Mike Z not a big fan of the New Srk based on what he just said on the Salty Cupcake stream and thinks Dustloop looks better in comparison. He hasn’t seen SH yet when someone brought it up, but will take a look at it soon since he liked the idea that the community made a dedicated site happen for Skullgirls.


SH is looking sweeeet. Will relocate there for any Skullgirls info.<br>


As long as SRK looks like this, nobody is seriously staying here.<br>


Joined. Liking it so far. 


Yeah, everyone go to Skullheart. ITS THE MOVE. BANG BANG


The community is growing there, quite awesome.<br>


The Skullgirls custom theme is awesome.


Shameless bump. come on over, it’s safe, and it’s sexy. Also it doesn’t frag your mind with bright laser-like lighting.<br>


now that there is a forum like this kinda no reason fro me to be here on shoryuken 


And fresh news! Skullheart will actually become official Skullgirls forum! More details here:<div><br></div><div>I mean, why should they make their own when they already have a good one? ;)</div>


Skullheart is awesome.


Agreed. They’re quite awesome. And mature. Which, unfortunately, is rare on the Internet.


Yeah. I get spoiled with the Skullgirls community. I go other places and people act all immature and shit.


Just to let everyone know, they got almost all of the voice actresses and Big band. The following is a list of other important members. The list is for reference only - please don’t bug them about features on this site.

Lab Zero Members:

Voice Actresses (check out the VA thread for more info):
Double - CharlotteAnn
Ms. Fortune - Kimlinh Tran
Parasoul - Erin Fitzgerald
Painwheel - daniellemcrae
Big Band - iamrichbrown

There’s also talk about a japanese section of the site, and making it the official forum. I’m not ultra paying attention, but I’ve heard these things recently.


The Japanese section will happen as soon as we can find a mod with enough proficiency in the language to actually perform mod duties. Officialness will happen when Lab Zero get time to make the announcement.


What’s up with the site? I keep getting a “You don’t have permission to access /forums/index.php on this server” message when I try to get on.


Is there something wrong with this site? Maintenance perhaps? Because it just fell off of the planet . . .


I’ll note (where the IGG images are all stored) is down as well. It shouldn’t be related to Skullheart, but interestingly enough is down nonetheless.