Skyforge announced for PS4 march 2017 free to play mmorpg , PS4 trailer


Researching more about it, some could be interested, got positive impressions from fans on PC

"PlayStation Plus users will be able to receive an “Immortal Plus Pack” with additional items. Here are the details:

Immortal Pack

Register now to claim your exclusive Immortal Pack. The pack will be waiting in your inventory for you to open from your first login.


    Cyber Warrior Costume
    Halo of Vows Headwear
    Glowing God Eyes (two colors)

Immortal Plus Pack

If you are, or decide to become at a later time, a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can even open the exclusive Immortal Plus Pack!


    Cyber Warrior Costume
    Halo of Vows Headwear
    Glowing God Eyes (two colors)
    Wings of Vows Cosmetic Item
    2x God Tattoos (eight different colors)" 

"Repel the Invaders Creatures from the deepest oceans, reapers from the pits of fire, and lifeless machines from the coldest wastelands, all threaten the existence of Aelion and all of its inhabitants. Fight off the invaders to obtain new abilities and rewards!

Enhanced PS4 Action Combat Combat the offworld invaders with devastating skill combos and dodge their merciless attacks. Learn new skills and unleash the fury of your Divine Form. Collect equipment, fragments of armor, or parts of your enemies%u2019 bodies and turn them into dangerous weapons!

Unlock 14 Classes and Switch Instantly Begin your journey as a mere mortal and choose between 14 unlockable and interchangeable classes (Cryomancer, Witch, Berserker, Knight, Necromancer, Monk, Archer, Gunner, Kinetic, Lightbinder, Outlaw, Alchemist, Paladin, and Slayer). Be a sinister Necromancer or even a Gunner with a monstrous, transforming plasma cannon. The choice is yours! Choose whatever class suits your playstyle, whenever you want. Obtain your Divine Form by unlocking your ultimate abilities as a god and make the invaders rue the day they provoked your wrath!

Explore a Universe of Content Skyforge contains dozens of hours of entertainment with Campaign mode, and unlimited hours in various PVE and PVP game modes, all in over 100 locations. Group up with other immortals or fight solo. Play in open zones or short instances! Even the most dedicated players will find a vast variety of content available. Skyforge has something to offer for every type of MMO player."


Affinity always lets me know what games to avoid <3.



Played on PC.

Boring as fuck basic Korean mmo with a fuckload of grinding to get more stats and skills.
Has a sphere grid system that opens up new classes and shit, but it requires crystals to open up more spheres and they have a daily cap too.



It’s probably gonna be another Neverwinter


Neverwinter was actually a much better game.


well people whining about FFXIV grinds and waiting for Stormblood, could find Skyforge refreshing.


They could and they may.
But most MMOs are shit nowadays, dead genre imo.


" ***** costume"


Back in my day, you made your own costume and roleplayed for real. I was a Rogue Wizard Shaman Ranger Monk whenever I wanted to be. Didn’t need to damned dev-issued costume. Just the items in the game and an imagination. Because the devs actually made a good game and not a fucking money grab.



I really didn’t like a single thing about it. My main issue is that for some reason inventory management was barely functional in a party for some reason.


well its a very active genre considering FFXIV is leading the genre and getting a new expansion which will rejuvenate interest even further. WoW and FFXI were played generations longer than games from other genres.

and FFXIV gives more freedom, customization, than the single player dictatorship driven force fed FF rpgs.
FFXIV also force feeds a story as well, but at least players can be whatever they want, which is an essential fundamental feature all rpgs should have, and existed since pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons games.

practically The Elder Scrolls is the only nonmmorpg/single player game that understands and respects that freedom. players can always come up with greater protagonist design, personality, setting lifestyle goals, and open RPing than developers can think up.

it’s a shame still generally it’s only the mmorpgs/orpgs that give players personalized freedom and more customizable identity freedom.

yea the downside of mmorpgs is that their business model overstretches effort, and hamfists its objectives and rewards like a soda machine, but they still generally provide more freedoms that single player games should have as well.

though one thing is for sure, a decent mmorpg is entirely better than some interactive movie.