Skyrim: No Sound or Main NPC's, HELP!


I downloaded Skyrim for PC, and whenever I start the game, the Bethesda logo comes up and the drum beats. But after there there’s no music, or sound at all. When I start the game, everyone is sitting in the wagon, but when we get inside Helgen, General Tullius isn’t sitting on the horse. In fact, there is no NPC with a line. The only ones who show up are a few by-standers and the executioner. Since the imperial woman who calls us out of the wagon doesn’t spawn, I can’t get out, or play at all. It seems like there are some files missing from my Skyrim folder, can anyone help me or give me some advice on this? Thanks a lot.


Well it’s obvious you are playing a pirated copy…which would explain why nobody has helped you just yet…