Skyrocketing pings for no reason?

This shit has been happening lately and its just plain BS. I get 30-40 ping playing other UK/European players. It works absolutely fine with 90% of people. There is no one on my connection but me when I play. Now, for some people I play, the ping just jumps so high, like to 100-120. These people are also from the UK/Europe, and I have no reason why it happens. Both me and my opp. are only ones on our respective connections, and our ports are all forwarded etc. I know this aint a P2P problem, becasue I literally go and test it with one of my friends it does work with, I get normal ping, then I go and try and connect to the others, and get a ping of 100-20, even though there in the same area. It happens with about 4 or 5 of my contacts, but its frustrating and any help would be greatly appreciated

When that happens on GodWeapon, people usually say that some one is hacking the server
and after it starts acting all stupid like that it does crash some times and then when you finally are able to get back in , youll see people start to rejoin slowly.

But then again that can just be a bunch of bullshit.

This is via P2P BTW

:wonder: Maybe someone is leeching off your internet… dood?

Nope, no one can leach off my net, its protected, plus when I download a file it goes full speed, thats how I know I’m the only one on

It’s not because someone is hacking.

Pings are never consistent and are always constantly changing…it’s just how the internet works. There are several reasons why your ping could have sky rocketed. One might be that a server went down somewhere and your packets are now taking another route. It’s also possible that there is too much traffic at the time you play. Ever notice the internet is slow sometimes?

As for it happening in GW, it doesn’t effect everyone; only some people. It’s just one of those unfortunate things that happen over the internet that really can’t be controlled. Or maybe the Emulinker software has a bug somewhere that is triggered from time to time.

Usually upstream is what you have to worry about. You may be able to download at full speed but can you respond at full speed? It may help to turn off your modem and router for 10s. Also, don’t let that “protected” give you a false sense of security.

Well there you go then. It turns out to be bullshit like I suspected.

Thanks for the help. Sigh