Skyway Street Fights @ tjdeuceosix's 1/30


Since Pat has cancelled this Friday, I decided to hold a session at my house.

If you have been to my house before, you are invited. If you have not been to my house before, post up if you wanna come, and I’ll PM you back with a yes or no. And I will also PM you my address.

I’m trying to have it from 8pm to 3-4am.

Food, booze and smokes (no funny cigarettes) are allowed. Just please clean up after yourself.

I have 1 TV we can use and I have a PS3 with two sticks and SFIV. What I need is a copy of SFIV for Xbox, with a hard drive/memory card and sticks since I also have a 360. Pat said he would lend me a monitor, but it would be nice if we could have a back up.

My cell number is (206) 353-6475 for any questions or anything.


I am down!!! Ezells skyway street fights!


I lied i will be with pat hahahaha


Nah mane, we’ll go after Linda’s bro!


Should let me come spit game to some asians.

“Asians~! Fist pump” I miss Beth’s. :frowning:


Everyone that said they wanted to roll to my house, should come here. I’m also going to be here, but later with Kriangkrai.


I should be there


If I have lost my job by then, I’ll be there. Assuming PASTOR TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY is cool with that.




yeah, you’re welcome to come deezo. you were supposed to be over for new years but changed your mind. it’s all good though, i see how it is. haha.

And I might now have to change sessions at my house to: Church League Championships @ Pastor Troy’s

frank, bring duggish along too.


yo troy im totally down to come if youll allow it


I’d like to roll through, shoot me a PM :smiley:


moar like tj douche oh six


i can’t think of anything to say making fun of your name.


Might be hitting this up if the night is lookin free. Can’t remember, but it feels like there is something I’m supposed to do…


Mind if I get the zip code? Only so I can put it on sf4answers for people in the area that might want to contact you to participate.


Area Code is 98178.

Also for the rest of you, check my first post again for my cell number if you wanna hit me up for directions or you’re thinking about coming or something as I may not see posts coming after this.


sf4answers is the most mysterious person in the NW right now.


FrankDaDank and JalapNo are here folks. Get this shit started.


yo sorry some stuff came up wont be able to hit up this session. would definitely like to hit up some of your sessions in the future though