Slagcoin Down? (2010 edition)

Hello everyone!

I’ve not been able to access for the past few days (maybe a week already). Searching if anyone had news about it, I found out that it happened before, but no news about it this time.

Does anyone know or heard anything about it?

If it has anything to do with hosting, I’d be more than pleased to help, since I have an account with unlimited traffic and space.

Works fine for me.

Not down.
And has not been down for me this week.

If it ever is down, you can go to the Archive that Kyle did.

Funny I’ve tried to reach it using a couple of broadband ISPs here in Brazil…with all of them the browser says that “the connection has timed out”. Just tried and I still get this error message.

Thanks jdm for the heads up on this mirror!!! Saved me! :smiley:

And thanks Kyle for making this mirror available!