SlagCoin Down!?!?


I was going to visit SlagCoin to look at the diagrams for the 360 pads and the site is gone. Did it get moved or taken down? :sad: This site is a huge resource and I refer to it frequently.



Please no, slagcoin is one of the best place for info for our hobbies.


You can get some of it back from, but no pictures.


It’s the pics I need. Does anyone have the diagram for the newer MadCatz/GameStop 360 pads?


Is this the model you wanted?

which came from this thread


Thanks guys I just needed to verify the back, guide and start buttons. Souji that’s the wrong one. fwirth that is the little devil, thanks for the links.




The point for the start button is on the wrong side compared to the pad I have. I believe that is the earlier version that doesn’t need the trigger hack. There are several other differences as well.


I was on it this morning…


Does anyone know if there is anywhere else we can get the panel layouts ? I’ve got the astro and a few others but that was such a great compilation


i know ecksnine has some of them:
and he probably has the right size versions too, because i don’t think the ones on the site are the right size, but i might be wrong


aww fuck, please don’t be gone for good…


Seriously. Those panel layouts are the shit.
Maybe it’s just a temporary thing?


^ Hope so. :[
That place was awesome for info, learned a lot when I started off.


I have this layout if anyone needs it. PM me.
I sure hope SlagCoin is not gone for good.:sweat:


Shit, Slagcoin is down? Just when I was going to look up a PS2 controller Diagram.


If he’s giving up on the site for bandwidth reasons I’m sure everyone here would be willing to be constantly streaming a RAR of the site in a Torrent.


I would.


As would I. Get it on every site I can think of, with direct downloads here.


It’s 4:25 am here in the East Coast.
Slagcoin is back up!