Slam Dance!



Been ages since I last used this SA, and now I’ve forgotten it’s advantages. Anyone got any setups for it?


umm well some setups that work are

Dive kick, Slam Dance.

Combo into mp tornado hook, wait till it ends no cancels, slam dance.

Anti-air slamdance.

Meaty slam dance when they are waking up. THe slam dance actually takes some time to come out so you can fool people into thinking you whiffed it sometimes with good timing.

Oh hugo you can combo into in the corner off of any light tornado hook.


I only use slam dance against Chun-Li. Her cameplay is focussed on her SA’s and she needs to be close for that one. Every Chun-Li player will try to hit crouching MK, even on wake-up. So this is my slam dance thing…only Chun


I Think Drill Kick (HK) blocked is the best


I saw one player use slam dance in another way. He didn’t use it to actually hit with the super, but he’d corner them, then slam dance to force a jump, then he’d juggle them while they were in the air.


yeah that was during sbo2 it was sugiyama versus that bullshit makoto. That works sort of well, but people get used to after the first few times and will just parry your back feirce.


I’ve been using Slam Dance alot and it’s a pretty good pressure tactic to hit them with one slam dance, and then next time your bar is full you can start forcing jumps, the simple threat of slam dance can just add to your corner game and make it alot easier for you.

Things I’ve been using are Slam Dance as anti-crossup, although it does have timing issues, if you activate just as the opponent is flying overhead for the crossup, Necro will turn automatically to face the opponent. Slam Dance invinciblity should cause the opponents crossup to whiff, and Necro should throw the opponent on landing thanks to it’s long startup and good range. Of course you can mess up the timing, but Slam Dance recovery is still near-unpunishable.

Things I like to do with Slam Dance is to cause repeated resets and make the opponent think that the next reset will be the one with Slam Dance tacked on the end of it. Mixing up B+HP, UOH , Tornado hooks or throws, followed with Jp or SP resets, and then faking with a low attack or crouch, then starting again, or backing off and punishing jumps or dashes, then throwing in a Slam Dance when you feel they are getting to comfortable.

And even if they jump out, you can still usually try and catch them on the way down, once they get used to B+FP on the way down then you can try Denpa, JP Tornados, even waiting for a parry then punishing when they land, so many options.


i use SA1 vs yun
is bad choice SA2 vs yun??


4 yun I use SA3 its the best :lovin:

Oh thats if you have a rush down Necro SA3, but a turtle go with SA1.

‘Certified Necro Expert’


Funny thing I tried today on DC, set yun to jump repeatedly, tried b+FP, then walk forward, jab reset, Slam Dance. Slam Dance seems to whiff! But just jumping from the same height, Necro grabs?! Anyone know what this means? I’ve been working on finding some slam dance setups.


when jumpin up in the corner:
note that this is not the combo that grabs them when they fall, it grabs on their reset
b.fp walk forward jab hooks(wiff) slam dance.

to get the grab on the fall, you would have to ask one of the pros about that. ive seen it done in pinoAB7’s vids, but i never pulled it out. but from what ive seen, you have to get them when they are between necros hands (during the SAII) and his forward knee (he has one foot forward and his hands infront of him mocking a grab) but the timing for that is crucial.

i tried this on my ps2 version, and some times it would work, some times it wouldn’t. if i get this down, i might even use it, but for now, i would jsut use it as an AA or a wakeup on rushing kens, chuns, and twins. I actually like slam dance more than SAI for some odd ass reason. when i use it, it just naturally comes out. i guess that is how any throw should be, when i anticipate a grab, grab special, it just fuckes up.


slam dance sucks