Slammin' Saturday Nights: THE REVENGE at web2zone July 14th!

Hey Chibi, how are you going to be at this and T8?

Your banned from this event and any event I or DXP help run until you pay min for his share of the room from NEC.

^ rush dat shit DOWN !! :rofl:

u need to play me some lag I will mirror match you…out of people to play :bluu: everyone leaves after 2 matchs wtf…I am not even playing A-groove anymore…bored out of my skull but too lazy to actually go somewhere…:zzz:

That was for Min? I’ll have the money there.

oh shit, you’re right.

haha, my bad, didn’t even realize it.

I’ll leave everything to Zaelar then.


Yeah…assuming I don’t get totally lost I’ll be running MB the same as last time. $5 entry, ranbat, ect… I’ll put the details on meltybread. Which version gets played is undetermined, but it will probably be the PC version as long as it gets released on time and someone actually has it there.

PS I’m taking 20 from Phil when I beat him in ST, then another 20 after I lose on purpose to play him in losers. You can’t beat my random shoryukens!

EDIT: I’ll also run BBB and akatsnaziblitz if people are interested. I’ll put them both on my flash drive so as long as someone has a laptop we’ll have the games. Probably only 2 dollar entree for them.

hmmmm if i recall u never beat me in the game at all how will u match up to phil’s retarded godlike ability to kill all noobs :slight_smile:

Who would be interested in gg:ac 2vs2 or 3vs3 over singles

I am NOT joinin 4 tournaments again this time lol shit was a hassle for me…im up for the challenge in ST though…good experience for me and i have nothing to lose lol…entering 3s again too hopefully i play jwong in the first round like i did last time (minus the fuck ups lol)

get that money

I took a game from him like a year ago in a small round robin in NJ. I was the only person in the tournament that did. Maybe I should use the bracket for blackmail…

I am taking mvc2 watch.


As in Taking, i meant winning the mvc2 tourney.:sweat:

cmon you guys need to get on this AC even wildkitty is coming out the woodwork for this, frodo may be making a guest appearance with the one ring

where is wildkitty from :smiley:

same place frodo is from CT aka the Shire

O.o ok…

Anyone down for a dry hump money match?

no homo