Slammin' Saturday Nights: THE REVENGE at web2zone MVC2 Results

Good Shit to Everyone who came, a lot of people came for the crack it seems anyways heres the results and good games to everyone i played. Shit Started Late and ended at 12.

Participants: 22

1st Place Split between Andre Aka Demise/Tony B
2nd Place: Isuck
3rd Place : Rafael
4th Place: Merdoc
5th place: MeatTruck
7Th: Dr Ze
8th: Bacardi
9th Pietro
10th: Make a Wish

good shit to the teapire/Team Hate Members :lovin:

that av made me cry tears of tea. Good games to everyone. marvel is crack. next time im going to bring a DC or something. Shit took mad long.


man no hype in marvel wtf is that shit… i mean i love st dont get me wrong but ST got more Hype then marvel i mean hell man even at evo it felt like that wat is goin on in the marvel community… do we need to go back n start playin low teir again. maybe seein magneto rush down 100 times in a match is too much to care about anymore.

Yeah, that was the most silent Marvel tourney ever. But then again, none of the real top players were there, anyway. EVO World will probably have more hype.

And yeah, ST was that shit last night. lol

Who was that kid walking around yelling really loud? He was like, fake hype or something.

Fuck outta here im never fake hype i bring that real shit all of you so called MVC2 ppl didnt hype that shit up so of course i had to do something.

And srry for being loud lol :sweat:

next time more hype, and i am kinda surprised 22 people lol, last time i went there was like 12.

oh yeah and franstastics hype was needed shits was gold.

good shit too everyone even though it sucked going exactly after work it was still cool. speaking of hype walters matches was the most hype out of everyones lol