Slammin' Saturday Nights @ web2zone in NYC start Feb. 10!


It looks like this tournament is going to be a massive success, and it hasn’t even happened yet!

Here is the tentative who’s going list:

dXp (CT)
Min (NJ)
John Rambo (CT)
Walterocalypse (CT)
Nestor (Mass)
Tony “T Rex” Barnhill (CT)
Gavin (TGA)
Paul Wall (TGA)
Smoothcat (TGA)
Wilson (TGA)
JJuice (TGA)
Ralph (TGA)
Jeron (NYC)
Arturo (NYC)
Nick T. (NYC)
hold dat (NYC)
Alex Strife (NYC)
Comeback386 (NYC)
Deathscythe (NYC)
Shag (NYC)
Capcom Killah (NYC)
FecalPenance ? (PA)
Sp00ky (NJ or NYC? I dont know)
Shotokan Symphony
Zee Tee Bee (NYC)
Jon Badwolf

Guilty Gear:

  1. Master Chibi
  2. XAQshinor
  3. Fadedsun303
  4. Kayin
  5. MarlinPie
  6. Kai/Shiwaka
  7. RabiteCake
  8. Zidanel33t
  9. Guiltyspike5
  10. ShikislashSlash
  11. Space Marine 17
  12. karlkablisk
  13. Oblivion X
  14. Dandy Stepper
  15. A3Religion


  1. Zaelar
  2. Shibuya
  3. Seesyong
  4. Phrekwenci
  5. NuggetGX from CT
  6. blackPhire
  7. subatomicbraifreeze
  8. Dizzy
  9. Cabinet Smasher

That’s OVER 40 people! HOLY SHIT!


Third Strike ranbat: $2 entry fee, double elim, starts 6pm
CvS2 ranbat: $2 entry, double elim, starts 6pm
Guilty Gear XX Slash tournament: Whatever Shotokan’s rules were I don’t remember, check the thread


Snaaaake vs. dXp $100 money match CvS2, 3/5
TMNT Tournament Fighters challenge (whatever the hell you guys wanna do on that laptop)
Hijinks that will be recorded and put on the internets!


This event is going to be FUCKING HYPE! And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA!

Let’s start 2007 off RIGHT with some good news!

The place: web2zone (Internet Cafe & Video Game Center)
54 Cooper Sq (Cafe Area)
New York , NY 10003

The date: February 10th, 2007

The time: 4pm-12 midnight

The cost: $10

The deal:

The state of fighting games in the tri-state area is becoming grim. First, the GDT ranbats in New Jersey came to a screeching halt when the owner decided to close his lan center. Then, we heard confirmed facts that Chinatown Fair will not last another 5-6 months. TGA is great, but it’s WAAAY out in Massachusetts. What are gamers to do when they have a fixing for a fight, but have nowhere to go?

Web2Zone has decided to start holding “Fighting Game Saturdays” events starting on February 10th. For the cost of $10, you can stay all day from 4pm-12midnight. Web2Zone currently has 7-8 TVs and is in the middle of NYC, where you can pretty much do anything you can think of within a few blocks walking distance. Currently web2zone plans to have good comp in the following games:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike*
Tekken 5*
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Melty Blood: AC
King of Fighters (all of them if possible)
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2*
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (fresh from CCC2 collection)

Web2zone currently has the ones with *'s next to them, but plans on holding other games as well. Bring whatever you want to play and it’s all good. Web2Zone currently has 3 PS2s and I will be bringing another 3 (the famed ECCX PS2s that got me fired from my job) so we will be all set.

Also, I will hook up MvC2 to the widescreen LCD with a VGA adapter so we can play in high-definition. NYC gamers, I KNOW you love this game (and Matrix/Yipes are still rubbing their wounds from the last time I beat them down at CTF a few weeks ago) so expect to get some comp and some scrapings when you come by.

As things develop, I will update this thread with grudge matches, money match challenges, and people locked to attend. So stay tuned for updates. What I can say right now is, I’m taking OPEN CHALLENGES in ST, CvS2, MvC2 and 3s, so if you want some, COME GET SOME!

ADDED BONUS: If enough players show, and there is interest, we will throw some free mini-tournaments. In the future, web2zone WILL begin to start throwing official Ranbats with tournament rankings and such. Look for one of these by the end of February.

Alirght everyone this is the event casual friday ppl have been waiting for. By Feb we will have the renovations finished and I will have an extra CRT purchased and more room to hold people. I’ll see you guys there. So far I call the following MM

Nick T : $5 Sean vs my Ken
Snaaaaake : $2 worst charcaters vs Ken/Ryu/Iroi (CVS2)
Hol Dat : $1 you on stick with Remy vs me

HOLD DAT, we gonna do that money match in GG again?

** put me in the cash list…I’ll even play a mid tier char vs your ken Strife.
It’s about time I show my Necro in play…

-antishoto- **

your on:)…


This sound good…once i learn that game. its a wrap for you

Somebody please come and dethrown me from 3rd Strike…it’s lonely at the top:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i’m beating this kids like dirty rugs.

and i thougt i t was gonna be “Hold DAt!!!” Saturdays. NYC’s console champ. thats right i said it. hold dat :wgrin: :wgrin:

but this is a a good idea. i’ll be there in full force. we gotta round up some of the old regulars who all but stopped coming

Don’t worry, it’ll happen soon.


So is this an actual tournament or not?

Also, I thought there was one going down on the 20th of Janurary?

I don’t know who hold dat is, but I’ll gladly hand him his ass in a paper bag in 3s if he wants.

Also no this is not an official tournament, this is a casuals gathering where for 10 bucks you get to play for 8 hours. However there WILL be ranbat tournaments in the future. At this point we are just trying to get people to come and get LOTS of games in and try it out. Once people get a taste, they’ll come back for tournaments.

Also we were aiming for the end of January but the first date will be February 10th (and then depending how it turns out, more dates to follow).

[quote=“DarksydePhil, post:9, topic:20333”]

I don’t know who hold dat is, but I’ll gladly hand him his ass in a paper bag in 3s if he wants.

i’m no one…i’m just another shoto using scrub

you better back this statment up though…my ps2 pad is the stuff of legend :wgrin:

Is this some shit with the owner about seeing how many people you could pull in?

I don’t know man, this doesn’t click with me for some reason.

I’d rather have this than 2 TV’s and the rest are Halo/GoW/insert random game here players.

Guilty Gear Slash

If theres Guilty Gear Slash and some players I’ll be there!

  • KKL

Nick T has hit the nail right on the head. The owner wants to see if he makes his place fighting-games only, if it will draw in heads. If not it will be near impossible if we have to share space with FPS games and other randomness. So yeah Chibi you are right, this is a way to prove that fighting games CAN draw numbers.

If this event is successful, there will be more in the future and we will be able to start Ranbats just like we used to have at GDT.

Also, with CF going bye bye soon, and TGA being 5 hours away, we’ll need a place to play.

So long as we’re playing upstairs, then fine.

I’ll see about getting all of the MB crew there as well.

If we wanted to, could we hold a tournament at this gathering?

Yo Alex: Slash, Sol vs. Venom I don’t care for what
And Hold Dat, I got you I’m comin’ for that KEN supremacy

Depending on the turnout, we may hold a few free mini-tournaments if people want to. I see no reason why this can’t be done unless there is overwhelming demand for open casual play instead of a tournament at that time in that particular game. So basically, it’s up to the players!

The cool thing about this is, since this is 8 hours of casuals, it might be fun to jump over to other games. I may consider trying Melty Blood and Guilty Gear :looney:

Wait…console’s will be upstairs? If so, then Saturdays will be actually fun once more. Definitely better than Friday’s because, man, work kills a lot of us and most of us end up not showing up at all.


When we run teh BIG tournaments it will be upstairs…but by Feb I will remove all the junk to make it more spacey…like that glass case and such…its going by by.

Also we are doing renovations to move it officially upstairs so when I get a date on that I will let you guys know.