Slamming the machine to throw off opponent's timing


To Inkblot, Ponder, or anyone else who writes the rules. Where do you guys draw the line when someone hits the machine to distract their opponent?


The machine has to physically move, in order for it to be a disqualification.

Hitting the buttons hard doesnt constitute as a violation of the rules, only physically moving or shaking the machine to affect the other person.


that is not true, it really does affect ppl when they are playing. I did it recently. and i made the other person fuck up and i won.

not a kool thing to do
it should be taken into consideration of being banned


The better player won’t let such a distraction affect his/her game.


i guess i was the better player cuz i cheated


For once I agree with you Potter. It should be banned, but they can’t because there’s really no way to enforce it. Guys mash hard as fuck in casual. What if they complain that the rule throws off their game? Who decides what’s “too hard?” I think they want the matches to need as little human judgment as possible


yeah but i don’t even mean when they’re mashing.
It’s like they have you in a combo and you literally hit the buttons and machine really hard so that the other person fucks up to fuck with their timing. Mashing outta tempest and stuff like that if different.
Also slayers infinite i seen ppl shake and rattle and bang and hit the machine… It is not only funny but it does fuck you up. There were ppl always watching matches at the last evo… well from what i saw for marvel it was well run and supervised hopefully it’s like that this year as well


Using the stick violently is not cheating. A huge crowd reaction for ONE player in a match-up could do the same thing. It’s about composure. You won because your opponent couldn’t concentrate and drown your useless(it actually IS useless unless your opponent ALLOWS it to affect them) mashing out of his head. In SF, things are bound to get dirty, but there’s no excuse for lack of execution at a high level. Composure comes with tourney experience. If someone mistimes an infinite because his cellphone went off in his pants, you wouldn’t blame the cell phone. You’d have to blame him for paying attention to that instead of what he was concentrating on. If I am comboing someone, there is NO reason to be listening to my opponents mashing, it does absolutely nothing. Their best bet there is that they mess up my rhythm or mash loud enough to where I miss “sound queues.” Even still, at a clutch situation at high levels, your concentration should be unbreakable.

HAH! Check out A3’s damage reduction. If a rule like that was in A3, you couldn’t mash to reduce damage during a vc, you might fuck up the opponents combo, lol.

Fucking up your opponents actions without directly affecting them can be an art. Still, just staring at your opponent is as much of a distraction. Would you ban that?

Seriously, the only ppl down for a ban like this are those with hard feelings from losing like that. Nope, the rules shouldn’t change. The players should strengthen their self-control instead.




if they shake the machine it does affect the placement of the buttons which does fuck someone up. That has happened. Also another thing that has happened was that… someone hit the machine so hard that the other peron taunted by itself… tru thug

apoc: you are right there my friend. Us champions never flinch or stumble, why? Cuz we are too fucken dope
see you at evo nizzle


I remember the days like 2 years ago when Du came for a Orlando tournament… damn… so much machine shaking… I had a sezure…:eek:
Back then no one could get 1 Magneto infinite on him cuz they keep messing up when he said/shaked the machince…


It’s too bad we don’t have JPN style cabinets or separate joystick decks. If we had this, then most likely we’ll concentrate more on the game like whenever we all play at home.


That shit is leet dirty tactics and it works lol


Why don’t they put the games in those cabinets that have the controls seperated some distance away from the screen? That way, rocking the machines during play shouldn’t be a problem.


cuz, it isn’t the screen shaking that fucks people up, but whatever the buttons and joystick are mounted on shaking.

Apoc’s right on this one. Having the crowd ooh-ing and ahh-ing ain’t any different. It’s an external distraction, that the player should drown out on their own. It’s like in the NBA playoffs with jackass fans blowing airhorns during players’ shots. You just gotta ignore it.

If the machine moves, that’s a physical impact on what you’re doing, which is cheating. But, whispering weird shit, mashing on buttons, etc. doesn’t physically impede your interaction with the machine.

But, again, if they shout so loud it makes your ears bleed, well, that’s fucked up too :slight_smile:


That doesn’t seem to bother me at all when I play on those cabinets. But what I’m saying is, with a standard machine, the whole unit’s more liable to get shaken up as opposed to just the control board.


hi, i needed to rebump this topic to bring something up. This was taken from the rules

*Recommened Circumstances for Issuing a Yellow Card

Specific rule violations (e.g. Stopping a match due to a broken joystick when the joystick is found to be working. See ‘Equipment Failure’ for more information).

Excessive stalling/misconduct during a Match (e.g. repeatedly “accidently” picking the wrong character, taking a bathroom break between games in a Match, excessive physical contact with the other player during a Match (e.g. kicking out his stool)).

Major misconduct violations during a tournament **(e.g. punching, or slamming the screen or joysticks, **threats of physical violence, etc). *

so does the machine still have to move to count the misconduct for the yellow card? Cuz I heard warnings were given out at B5 for this.


If the noise bothers you so much why dont you listen to music while playing? I have bad adhd and its incredibly hard for me to pay attention when I am not on medication which I only used for school. When I listen to music it helps me focus by not hearing talking or someone who bangs on the console during combos. If it bothers you too much find ways around it.