Slappin' You Silly! - Poison Video Thread



This is for posting poison videos.



Poison/Hugo combo video




Wolfkrone playing Posion & Hugo for a couple of matches.



More of Wolfkrone’s Poison. Poison gets tagged in around 5:15


edit: FourWude is uploading tons of videos of Kid Viper’s Poison/Julia team here:







KayoPolice running Poison/Lili <3 dream team by my favourite player. (Will download videos, re-upload them later if people prefer Youtube)


Eidted thread title. South Park reference.


Guess I’m the first noob to ask for help then. Here is my video. I’ve done better against people more my level but against these high BP guys my execution goes down the toilet. Please help me with tactics, spacing etc and what random stuff I should stop doing and better use of meter etc. I can’t start trying CADC and stuff when I haven’t even got basics down yet.I’m really frustrated at my play at the moment.







Awesome asfd! I’ve been dying to see more Poison videos.

Here is my own aswell.



73 winstreak with team MADGEAR: Poison x Hugo on PJS Stream it begins around 11:40 . Poison is actually a solid character. After playing that team since day 1 I am finding out that Poison is just a “HELPER” type of character. She can hold her own but her goal is to use her boost combos to get her partner in to do big damage.



At 07:56

Dear God I wish this team was viable in a tournament (Evo not Gamestop).


wow…poison is so awesome…it’s good to see kayo police picking poison it’s funny.


That link lead me to DOA?


Here are some vids of me.






[media=youtube]Ug1c6m0IXKQ[/media] Not mine, credit to the guy who made it.


Still struggling. I might just shelf this game. Not even got 3000 BP yet after some 200 games on ranked.



Couple matches from hitting the B mark.