Slash Singles BYOC

Slash Singles BYOC, evo EAST


Yesh, it’s happenin’. I’m holding it around 3pm at the BYOC room. Hope the AE and t5 players won’t mind. I’m up for suggestions(as well as people willing to run brackets).
The dustloop thread for this is here.

For what Evo East or world?


East Son, East.

East. Sorry, should have specified.

Thanks for the bump~

Zae, could you or one of the mods rename this thread so people know where to look to see if there is a GGS singles at evo east?

Anyway, the confirmed are:

Shin Masta Lvl1
Joey Crack

I’d like to hear more confirmations so we can deal with brackets and shizz. Also, when should I start signups? 12pm? 1pm?

I’d like to participate in this very much so. Does it cost anything?
Either way I have another 2 possible/most likely participants as well. I’ll speak with them on it.


Well, we’d definitely like to put something up for a prize, but I dunno yet. People spent enough money registering, so maybe I’ll just have free reg and throw a prize on the top. I’ll talk to Jamie about it.

Cool, well price, prize or none of the above I’m definitly in…I just want to play.


Saturday, not so early to get in the way of people who aren’t comming on friday.

Free entry or five dollar entry works for me.

Title changed to include east.

Date: Saturday, July 15th


Tournament starts at 3pm.

Entry Fee: $5

Looks good to me.


1st: Nate/Guymelef (MA/DI)
2nd: Alex G (DI/ED/SO)
3rd: Martin Phan/Marn (ED/AB)
4th: Kyohei/Marlin Pie (ED/KY/SL)
5th(tie): Flash Metroid (JA) // Poon (AB)
7th(tie): Zidane(AN) // Andrew (KY)
9th: Jamie/RabiteCake (TE)
9th: Drew/Walchuk (SO)
9th: Ryan/Fubarduck (KY/ZA)
9th: Adam (VE)
11th: Fernando/JetEnduro (KY)
11th: Chaz/Mynusdono (IN)
11th: Chetan (JO/SO)
11th: Tony (TE)

Not full brackets, but most of the noticable stuff. 29 players total, two no shows(Zaelar and Shin Masta lvl 1), two DQs, and one reeeeeeeeallly nasty May. Good shit, everyone!