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Slashers is a FREE 2D fighting game being developed for PC,Android and iOS platforms.

Google Play version:

PC Client can be downloaded from the website:

Slashers slashes its way to bring back the old 2d fighting games’ spirit and challenge with simple game mechanics and tactical gameplay.


Main Features:

  • Online versus play and ranking system.
  • Choose from 9 unique fighters with different abilities.
  • Power Combining System:
    Choose 2 power moves (AKA “supers”) out of 4 at the beginning of every fight.
  • Tactical Features:
    Enhance your gameplay style and create your own combos with features like: “Block” (AKA “Parry"),“Recovery”,“Power Recovery”,”Free Cancel”,”Power Cancel”,”Power Escape”,”Throw Escape” and “Limit Break” attacks.
  • Ultimate Power Moves to destroy your opponents:
    Destroy your opponent with a character specific method when they are on low health and you are on the winning round.
  • Cartoon-like HD Graphics:
    Big and detailed characters and backgrounds compared to most old-school fighting games.
  • Simple control scheme to focus on tactics rather than inputs:
    4 attack buttons (Slash,Big Slash,Kick,Power), special move inputs not requiring rotations and holds.


The art style reminds me of Timer Killers.

How 3S inspired is it? Is it just because it has a parry mechanic? Will super choice be an important factor and will supers be very good/damaging in general (50% off a hitconfirm)?

Daaamn that guy lost an arm, it must suck not being able to press right punch.

I just tried the demo and it wasn’t bad. I could see what you were going for but the biggest problem is simply this: the sprite work is unappealing. It just doesn’t look good. Mechanics-wise it’s basically Samurai Shodown with combos and Parries and some GG shit with limit breaking (Bear with me, I don’t play GG). The characters are pretty typical but unfortunately they don’t really stand out. Here’s a shoto, here’s a dude with counters, here’s the old man character. If you can’t make them stand out visually at least make them stand out in how they play. And for god’s sake the claw dude doesn’t need a projectile.

But the sprite work is definitely going to be the biggest thing holding this project back.

Ummm what??? Samsho has both parries and combos…


The video looks pretty good. I can definitely see the influences of the games you mentioned in your post, and it definitely looks like a game I’d be interested in playing, especially on iOS if it were smooth.

I actually kind of like the sprites as they are. The only thing I’d like to see are maybe a few more frames added to the characters’ animations to smooth them out a little. I don’t know if it’s just not possible because of the device limitations or what, but it would make things look quite a bit better. Either way, it looks like you’re off to a good start. What’s the eta on release?

What kind of netcode are you using? Variable input delay based or fixed input delay with rollback?

Which Samsho are you talking about? 4 and 6 had combos but the rest of the games had really, really basic combos. When somone says the game has combos they don’t mean a character has one super that does x number of hits. They mean the game has a lot of option to confirm or Marvel-shit.

As far as Parries, in the Samsho games they were a command input and had a whiff animation. They’re definitely Parries but not what people traditionally think of when they think Parry. They think of 3S Parries first.

Samsho has the typical SF style combos.

As far as parries go, you’re completely wrong. Early samsho parries were done by pressing back as soon as an attack connected (similar to 3s but with a smaller window) and had no whiff animation (again, similar to 3s). If you parried an attack, your opp goes into a weapon reel animation and you get a free hit.

Was it 2 that had Parries like that? I could swear Parries in 2 had a whiff animation. I know it’s a command input and there’s a whiff in V SP.

Samsho parry inputs were similar to 3S, but the result resembles Soul Calibur GI Repel. A lot of FGs use parries to different effect (SC, Tekken, etc.), you can’t say 3S is the first thing that comes to mind when the term comes up (though I knew what you meant)

The game reminds me of older Data East arcade games. Not sure if that was intentional.

wow, first legitimate Ouya fighter?

You are thinking of weapon catches. When you lose your weapon in SS2, you get access to a special weapon catch move by doing hcf. The parries/repels are similar to Just Defending.

Here is a list of our inspiration points and original ideas:)

  • SF3S:
    Parries: Same input (Tap Forward/Down), however you still take the damage (blue health) which can be recovered quickly by acting offensive afterwards.
    Universal Overheads
    Cross-ups (Game has cross-up detection, and you see a message when you do, of course not against CPU)
    **Command Throws **(Forward/Backward + Power Button)
    **Super Art Selection **(Idea extended from 1 out of 3 to 2 out of 4)
    Variable-Length Super Meter based on selected Super Arts
    Link Combos

Comboable Throws
**Force Break **(Like EX moves in 3S but GG style)
Astral Heats (Similar concept but added Level mechanism. There 4 levels (1,2,3,MAX). Level is determined by how much power energy you have. Performing the move destroys the power bar for the entire round. High levels are easy to combo, since start-up delay decreases.
Counters: Countering means longer stun, more damage and also counters enable juggle state which leads to aerial combos.
False Roman Cancels: Refered as “Power Recovery”. Specific special moves can be canceled at a specific frame by pressing Power button. Requires meter.
Burst: Escaping from damage at the cost of losing meter for the entire round. “Power Escape”

Meaty Heavy Slashes
Flashing Screen Effects

-Original Features
Recovery: All recovery frames of most moves (except PMs) can be skipped by pressing Power Button. Looks like “Roman Cancel” but can be performing doesn’t require connecting to the opponent. This one leads to a “Chess-like” gameplay.
Free Cancel: Cancelable normal moves can be cancelled to special and PMs without connecting to the opponent. Requires meter.This one leads to faints and extending attack patterns.

And for the Power Moves (PM) (Super Arts):

There are 2 type of PM: Blue and Red.
Each fighter has 2 blue and 2 red.
Blue PMs are overall weaker than Reds but they are good to extend combos and use the start-up inv frames.
Reds are very powerful ones. Combined with a counter attack they can dish out %50+ health easily!
Since each fighter has different endurance value damage will be different. Kanae is the weakest. (Like Chipp in GG series)

I hope these clear the things up :slight_smile:

Smoothing is possible but we need time.And Since we are all employed and time needs money. Maybe we can start a supporting campaign if the game takes more attention.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the feedback.

We have only one artist and this is his style. If someone wants to contribute to the project with artworks and sprites, they are welcome.

And also we know animations are not smooth. So we are trying to archive a challenging gameplay not the art department.

I can advise to play the game more and try to understand how each fighter plays. They may seem not original at first but they have very different tactics and play styles. Checking out the command list may also help. Some characters (nagasapa especially) have a lot of moves and 4 super moves are very important to create your own tactics.


I think your off to a good start… Have you thought about starting an indidgogo project if you need any more financial assistance?

fixed input delay, computed when both players connected.When “Please Wait” is displayed.