Slashers: The Power Battle Discussion

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Didn’t know there’s a real fighting game for mobiles.

So I played the game and in my opinion controls for a traditional fighting game doesn’t really work on mobiles. Maybe I just need to get used to it but I often get the wrong inputs. I think that diagonal directions doesn’t really work on mobile. Compared to touchscreens, I don’t get the same feedback I get from a gamepad/joystick wherein I can feel what I have done and really know if my inputs are wrong.

It’s good to see though there’s a decent fighting game on mobiles unlike other bullcrap fighting games which are basically cash grabs.

So, after playing the beta for a while, here are a list of suggestions I could come up with that I feel may improve the game:


-Jab should have slower startup, more stun, link to Quick Attack, cancellable into Crawling Beast A, Flash Claw A and Beast Claw and less recovery on whiff but more on hit/guard.

-Make his forward and backward dashes invulnerable to projectiles for a short while, and reduce their hitbox.

-Give j.Kick small cross-up capabilities.

-“Diving Beast” attack: uses the sprites of Crawling Beast. It’s an overhead air-to-ground attack that will hit the opponent, go diagonally to the other side of the opponent and, once Jaman stands, use his Flash Claw animations (but keep him on the ground to look like a grounded uppercut) to put the opponent into a juggle state. It can be a Limit Break or have command links to balance it or stop the opponent from using Red attacks.

-Reduce recovery on Crawling Beast A and B but give small damage reduction on follow-ups to Crawling Beast B.

-Flash Claw should be cancellable into Power #1.

-Beast Tornado A should have more end lag.

-Power #1 should have small vortex properties.

-Power #3 should do less damage and have a small hitbox but be invulnerable to projectiles.

-Power #4 should do a little less damage overall.

-Ultimate should be faster and beast should jump higher/be overhead.


-Standing SL hitbox should be pushed a little further forward for better anti-air capabilities.

-Reduce BS hurtable hitboxes and increase it’s range, but increase knockback (so there won’t be endless strings with BS by using Power #4)

-Increase Quick Kick range.

-Reduce end lag and damage of crouching BS but increase range.

-Give crouching and jumping Kick attacks bigger hitboxes.

-Flash Bomb A less end lag but 2/4 of a second to shoot another, Flash Bomb B more damage and slightly bigger hitbox.

-Sneak Bomb A and B same suggestions as above, but make B do less damage, start faster and launch the opponent a little higher.

-Push Quick Slash hitbox a little bit forward, to make it easier to connect, and reduce damage but make it safer on hit (both with same frames advantage, so to make a poking and guessing game).

-Onward Slash should push Efe further and do a little more damage by doing it on its own but give slightly more startup and end lag.

-Deep Blow A needs a bigger hitbox, and B needs an even bigger hitbox but do less damage than A. It should also start faster than A but have more recovery, travel longer and not have the hitbox stay for too long.

-Increase damage done by any Blue or Red move after Power Bomb and reduce the damage done by any move after Sneak Bomb (to put it simply: Invert the damage value of both these moves).

-Make Efe say one specific phrase after being hit during “Wiper” to be able to confirm easier.

-Fake Flash/Sneak Bomb should be slower and have Efe make the same sounds as the normal versions, to further trick the opponent. They could also be cancellable into Powers.

-Huge Bomb should divide it’s damage in 2 hits, first normal hit and second hit juggles, for better juggle potential and priority, and have a bigger hitbox but move a little slower.

-Power #1 needs a bigger hitbox for easier connects but deal less damage.

-Power #2 should do more damage, have a bigger hitbox but end in a hard knockdown (animation of last two hits are Onward Slash and standing BS, for example).

-Power #3 hitbox should extend vertically and stop any projectile and attack but deal less damage.

-Power #4 should not allow any Snap-Outs but deal less damage per hit after 10 or 12 hits.

-Ultimate should only need last hit to activate, deal chip damage and be invulnerable to other projectiles and have a bigger hitbox.


-Reduce crouching BS range.

-Push Dragon Fang A and B’s hitbox a little close to Kanae, and/or increase the size of her hitbox to her arm’s length, so it has less priority. Dragon Fang B should have better priority than A, start a little faster and deal less damage.

-Sword Magic A should travel a little farther away, while B version should be a low attack that leave the opponent in a longer stun for easier links, but slightly reduces the next attack damage (unless the next attack is a pure Blue power, Red powers should suffer damage reduction).

-Power #3 should hit for a little bit longer but deal less damage, for more combo potential afterwards.

-Power #4 should have a slightly smaller hitbox and deal less damage but set Kanae in a slight frame advantage.

-Ultimate Power should also be done in the air


-Sonic Slash A should be less punishable on Recovery.

-Upper Sonic B should have less startup but deal less damage.

-Magic Arrow should be easier to cancel for easier hit confirms.

-Limit Break idea: “Magic Rocket”. It’s a projectile that works like Efe’s, because it’s quick and has juggle properties. It should look like the projectile from Power #2, and do 2 hits. It can have a B, F, K command.

-Power #1 should have bigger hitbox at start and better hit crouching opponents (the damage is low, bad hitbox makes it worse).


-Chopper B should have a longer startup and give no frame advantage or disvantage to work as a neutral game tool.

-Blade of Blood should have a cool down of 3/4 of a second before being used again. A and B versions should have different audio cues to help with defense, and B version needs to have a bigger startup time. Aditionally, B version could only deal one hit, with another one being on command (if blocked Shin receives Counter damage). See Mukuro from The Last Blade 2 for such an example of command attack.

-Claws of Darkness should start up faster to be combed into SL.

-Limit Break suggestion: “Bloody Vortex”. It works like Blade of Blood, except it hits three times (one on the way, two on the apex of arc and another on the way back), bringing the opponent closer if he gets hit during any of the attacks, and if he guards as well, except that Shin will have slight frame disvantage on guard. If the opponent gets hit once, they will be dragged towards Shin, and he will use his F+SL animation to simulate holding the opponent and throwing him. From there, he: Can have different pre-made chain attacks, or be able to juggle with any attack.

-Power #1 should work differently. Instead of activating any time you press QCF + SL or BS, it should activate if you press PW after a few frames of doing QCF (in which the game will pause to allow the crows to hit). That way, you can continue zoning and hit confirm into using the crows.

-Power #2 should end in a hard knockdown, to give Shin better positioning.

-Move suggestion: if you summoned crows before doing Power #3, if you hold PW before the end of the animation, the crows will attack the opponent after the last hit, resulting in extra damage and hard knockdown.

-Power #4 should deal much less damage based on how little life the opponent has left (right now it’s just too strong and can instantly kill you with a simple Overhead, Power #4 combo with around 27% health). As suggested above, this move could also be incremented to use the crows during the second half of the animation.


-Overhead should have hitboxes extended in front of his body, for better combo potential.

-Air K needs a bigger hitbox.

-Power #2 needs better priority to hit attacks like Kanae’s Dragon Slash and Rising Dragon. It will completely miss if done at the beginning, AND leave him open to take damage from the attack. It could also use a chasing animation for counter-attacking things like Shin’s crows, which are currently out of range of his animation.

-Ultimate needs to deal chip damage, be slightly faster and have a slightly bigger hitbox (the enemy must be in the exact center of the screen, not much time to do that in an actual match).


-Standing BS should have less end lag and a slightly bigger hitbox.

-F+SL should be slower and be able to be canceled into quick Specials.

-Move suggestion: Controlable Icebolt. With this, you could use SL to throw it towards and BS to throw it upward. Would require motion swapping. Also, both versions could hit twice one fully charged. See Gouken’s fireballs in Street Fighter IV for reference.

-Standing K should have bigger hitbox (used to get close).

-Scorcher A should be safer on hit.

-Power #3 should deal a little less damage.

-Ultimate’s waves could move faster. They could also slow down or stop projectiles that got inside the waves (but have the projectiles move and hit Rungard if the move is unsuccessful).


[Both modes]

-Lower jumping K’s hitbox.

-Make Soul Grasp hold the opponent longer for easier combos.

-Make Air QCF+SL spawn the orbs downwards, QCF+BS spawn upwards.

-Increase Power #1 threshold for Fury Warning.

-Reduce Power #2 damage a bit.

-Increase the damage of Power #3.

-Decrease the damage of Power #4 and give it better health scaling (same as Shin).

[Soul mode]

-Give crouching K faster startup.

​-​Make Protectors B have a bigger startup but last longer.

-SL Energy Wall should start faster and BS Energy Wall should have longer startup.

[Blade Mode]

-Standing K should startup faster and move Alperen further forward.

-Reduce crouching BS range.

-Crouching K should be cancelable.


-Shadow Fall should start 2 frames faster.

-Give 1/2 Clone Release a little more time to be activated, make it start faster and/or give the player a choice of four inputs to determine how to attack or make the player airbone to decide whatever action.

-Remove different colored shadows to improve her mixup game, but give her command grab a different shadow than her other attacks.


-Give training mode an option for input display.

-Remove spam penalty and work on each individual problem (infinites can be solved because the game can be easily updated). It’s an unprofessional solution to problems, and reduces some character’s footsies potential. It’s also a system with loopholes, because I can still spam the same move, all I need to do is change it a quick one like SL and continue doing the move to avoid Spam Penalty.

-Give players the ability to choose an “Online Training Mode”, where they can practice with another player.

-Remove the message in Combo Challenge that tells you what you did wrong because it’s not accurate and hinders progression.

-Make Color Edit unlockable by unlocking every character and every color (or not, I also like the idea of it being a “thank you” gift from the developers, it’s just that it doesn’t add to the game gameplay wise).

-Have players be able to do rooms, where they can do “Endurance” matches to see who the last one standing, “King of the Hill” matches, etc.

-Improve readability of the Replays font (hard to read player names).

-Give the Top 10/20 players a special kind of sign next to their names.

-Give replays a “Star System”, where they are considered good or not by the amount of stars it receives from players, and/or make players be able to comment on replays.

-Give links to a forum or e-mail where players can give suggestions and/or chat about the game.

-Give special kinds of award to replays like “Fastest Match of The Week” and “Closes Match of The Week” (maybe not, just something I thought of). Could be done in-game or in Facebook page.

-Force players to finish the Tutorial (or at least the first 4 lessons) before hopping Online, or ask if the player knows how to play this game (this is a fighting game, it won’t be fun until they know what they are doing, so hopping online and not liking losing is a bad idea).

-Give some moves shortcuts, like DF, DF for any DP-like move.

-Unlock each fighter from the start. While the game may not have many characters, hardcore players (including ones that I recommended the game to) found that this was stupid. I don’t mind having to unlock Alperen and Mirei, because one is a boss and the other is difficult to play, but every other fighter should be unlocked from the start.

-Make a “Hidden Boss” character if the player manages to beat the game on hardest/beat without using a continue/other requirements. The Hidden Boss could be Alperen, your character’s rival (the opposing character on the Select screen, maybe) or your own character’s dark (or light) version, and make some tips here and there to let the player know a hidden boss exists.

-Update the “Continue?” screen, so it shows a sprite of your character dizzy (to show they’re disappointed), and some tips below on the screen, with the option “Yes/No” to the left and right of the character.

I hope that this game continues to grow, as I have played it for a good while. It’s quite good, I think everyone should just give it the benefit of doubt before jumping to conclusions. You might just be as surprised as I was :slight_smile:

Well, it is a bit about getting used to them maybe. The basic idea to think touchscreen controls as a real gamepad. So they function like buttons (even directions). So sliding your thumb on directions work. There are some players even surprise me how about how they use them. Also I strongly advise to adjust pad buttons sizes under options menu.

Which phone you are using btw?

I use Samsung Galaxy S5.

By the way, I agree on the other guy saying to remove the spam penalty.

Does the Android/Google Play version have native support for bluetooth gamepads? I remember playing this a bit on Ouya but I think the mobile version was touch-only

Bluetooth gamepads are supported but we can’t guarantee the game will perfectly fit any of them. The game officially supports Moga gamepads btw.

New Update!

Google Play
Windows (Extract Slashers1175.rar and overwrite files.)


  • “Spam Penalty” removed.
  • “Common” chat room added for all online users to chat together.


  • st.SL range increased.
  • cr.BS range increased, damage reduced, recovers faster.
  • Power #1 range increased.
  • Fake moves are Power Cancelable.


  • “Sword Magic A” range increased, B version stuns more, does less damage and causes damage reduction.
  • cr.BS hitbox shortened.


  • Power #1 hitboxes corrected not to miss crouching opponents.
  • Air.K cross-ups less easier.


  • “Claws of Darkness” startsup faster, can be comboed in the corner after st.SL… Range and damage decreased.
  • “Dark Fiend” doesn’t release all called crows now. Holding PW after sending the crow on the ground will make all stacked up crows attack together.
  • Added cool-down timers for “Blade of Blood A&B”. Switching to “Blood Seeker” costs no meter if Shin’s blade hit opponent.


  • “Knight Step” has longer pause on guard. st.BS option added.
  • Overhead hitbox fixed, range increased.
  • Fixed miss situations when "Holy Guard"s succeeded.


  • “Ice Bolt” diagonal version possible: Hold UP during release.
  • Fully charged Ice Bolt hits 2 times and deals double damage.
  • st.BS startup faster.
  • Ultimate wave travels faster. When the wave comes out Rungard is in standing guard state. Only low attacks and throws can interrupt him.
  • Ultimate wave now freezes opponent after any Recovery. Now Ulti can be comboed into.


  • F+SL has slower startup and high delay on miss/guard. Cancelable into Flash Claw, Crawling Beast, Beast Tornado and Power Moves.
  • “Flash Claw” cancelable into Power #1 in mid air.
  • Jaman’s dash collision shortened to roll under most projectiles.
  • Power #3 comes out slower and invulnerable to projectiles.


  • “Soul Orbs B” travels vertically. A version didn’t change.

v1.185 Released:

Sorry for the bump, but a new update was released (if people still play this)