Slavery : The Game



I missed this at PAX but hope the make and appearance at Tokyo Game show.
starts and combos?


the “punishment” tools are crazy… Spiked club, really?


Game of the year.


ill delete the thread if it is a troll

The gameplay looked ez, but I thought most A-O games were ass (and titties) anyways


Wow a time that most wished never happend and a game may just be made for it. Once again humanity has taken a step back.


First day purchase.


I am somewhat on the fence on this one. Wtf, if this is real.


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Can’t lie…kinda wanna play it.


so what you’re sayin is
Black top tier slaves
and Spanish top tier control (ALL DAT GOLD)


Would love to see this in Chappelle’s player haters ball


Dropping MvC3 in favor of this


game looks really interesting. i’ll give it a shot maybe… I really need to see some fucking gameplay though, I mean you can’t even tell if it’s turn based or real time

edit: just caught that article. trailer was probably made to gauge and see how many people would pay attention to it. if so that’s a damn good strategy and is something someone who has a pretty penny is doing. if it’s a troll, then :frowning: cause I think it’s an interesting idea.

along with this note, I’d like to point this out. lol @ people getting mad at this game


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I’ll be maining Nat Turner. Anyone wanna play? Didn’t think so.


woulda responded earlier if I saw.

yes, it’s not enough to use an efficient weapon for punishment. the weapon itself has to elicit a certain amount of fear and that can only be done if you’re afraid of it. that spiked club is menacing in the way it looks


the producers of this gem have been hard at work since their debut game…

pay close attention to the sound effects when the “enemies” get shot.


This sounds like the best strat across BOTH games so far…



lol. Bet this game is played at KKK tournaments. This will be thier starcraft.

People are getting mad omfg becuase they are turning human tragedy into a game. That’s kinda like turning the holocaust into a video game. Not WW2, the holocaust itself. It’s just taking it a step too far. They are not allowed to NOT do it, but it is still discouraged.


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but human tragedy has already been turned into a video game… numerous times


Preordered the game thanks for the heads up SRK.