Slayer GGXX av request


Hey can someone make me a Slayer av(guilty gear)? I was 15 in the nation on Apex once, and i will thank whever made it in my sig. I would like an “A” in the top left corner, an “l” in the upper right, an “e” in the lower left and an “x” in the lower right. But other then that complete freedom is granted. Thanks!


Should this give people more of a reason to make an avatar for you?

*You’re # 15 in GG XX on APEX? OMG hi2u :slight_smile: *


Naaa. I just wanted to show that i play. Personaliy, If i were making avatars, i would rather make one for someone who i knew was actualy involved in the comunity rather then someone who gave no info about themselves at all. Sorry if it seemed like i was bragging or anything, i know better then to do that in any game, especialy here.

Hi to you to. I see your name thrown around alot here and on Gamecombos. Nice to finnaly cyber meet you