Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49


I feel like a metal sword just pierced my heart.

Fuck, man…

Completely unexpected. Pretty shocking news. Another metal legend gone from this world. RIP Jeff.

I am not a happy camper.

What black magic is this.

Fucking lame man, a legend has left.

Only 4 fucking posts? God damn, fucking GD is soft as fucking shit. More people are posting about bitches getting their panties twisted over Princesss Peach than paying condolences. This thread needs more fucking METAL:

hes in a better place (hell is a better place for metal musicians because all you do there is drink and play sweet riffs)

ill be spinning some reign in blood tonight :rock:

also is pertho our designated “someone died” thread guy? homeboy is a little too on point on that front…


Fuck this. All the good ones are being taken from us.

Meanwhile in the same fucking universe, Lil Wayne keeps having near death seizures and lives.

Fuck this gay Earth.

Don’t speak ill on your brother like that nigga.

Edit: What’s ya’lls favorite Slayer song?

This is mine…

altar of sacrifice is still my fav slayer song

rip jeff

Damn, that’s a bummer. My first real concert was Slayer. I thought I was hot shit when I learned to play Black Magic on the guitar, lol. Jeff Hanneman was one of my early inspirations for learning to play guitar. Thrash on brother, RIP.

Not a huge Slayer fan, but the dude was an original, seminal musician who helped start a movement instead of latching onto somebody else’s.

What the fuck…sad day : (