Slayer thread

lookin for some solid slayer combos.

HS > pile bunker > RC > HS > pile bunker
50% :tup:

i think 6HS is also useable instead of HS with tighter timing

i think thats recoverable if they’re on the ground, but if the 6HS is ground->air, that works; near corner only.

geezus thats complicated.

need some good overdrive combos, and could someone please elaborate on the bite infinite? does it still work in #R?

Uh, four threads down buddy…


-the kugz

omgz, top overdrive combo…

impossible dust on Johnny:

s.d, 2142147S xx (land) 236236HS -> pilebunker

100% tension used! Insane!!!~

Whoa, i’m fucking fired.


dash bite

6H pile bunker

You win. Fucking Champ. End of Slayer strats.