I’m gonna try and do a couple of these a week so I can get my ps skills back up to par. As always, comments / crits welcome. Sorry about the compression, I can’t direct link.


good stuff
i like the colur because that is my favorite one.
two things about it though, the face just feels too cuddly for anytype of vampire imo and offsets the piece for me, the other thing is the way his shoes are portraied reminds me more of kightsandals then of the overdramtic bubly shoes slayer has in the game, but there are more personal peeves then critics
good work.


only one reply? weak!

yeah, I didn’t really want to make him look like a bloodthirsty vampire, because he really isn’t one. slayer always has that “thinking man” / stoic face on him and that’s what I wanted to portray. um, yeah.


Its pretty tight J. But I’m not a Slayer fan. Or a fan of his punches. Maybe I’ll draw that girl Samurai I play with.



Not bad at all… Minor things here and there detract from the pic a little, but it’s pretty decent.


  • The likeness of Slayer is there (outfit and all), but as shadowcharlie pointed out, he looks a bit too friendly. I understand that you wanted to portray him as calm and composed, but that usually manifests itself in a certain cockiness. Keeping characters “in character” is rather important when doing fan art, imho.

  • You’ve drawn him holding his pipe like a cigarette… this is an inaccuracy. Pipe smokers support the bowl of the pipe when they hold it, instead of dangling the stem between their fingers.

  • The energy from his left fist should illuminate the sleeve and surrounding areas. The shadows and highlights in the pic should reflect this.

These things may seem minor, but they help distinguish a decent pic from a good pic.

keep 'em coming :slight_smile:


yeah, I agree with your comments rook. I usually add the “effects” after I’m all done cging, which is why the shading doesn’t match exactly where the effect is. and the pipe, well, it was originally in his mouth, but I switched it around after the inking was done so that it balanced the pic a little more.

So far nobody’s really said anything about the style yet. This is kinda a new direction for me (I’m trying to combine a LOT of early 90’s comic influence), so I’d be interested to hear what you got to say. Thanks for the comments so far.:slight_smile:


comments on the style? I hesitate to comment on new styles because ppl are still working out the kinks and finding what works for them. imho it’s ok… doesn’t bowl me over, but it’s ok.

Proportions are stylized - large hands and feet like Capcom SFA/3 art, long legs like old Japanese bishounen manga style. This odd combination comes across as a bit strange.

Inks can be improved - use your shadows to help define the pic, not just as a colouring tool. Learn to use shadows well… imho even Jim Lee doesn’t use enough shadows when he inks.

cel-shaded colours don’t seem to match the detailed inking style. Or maybe it’s because the colours have a large difference from one another… I’m not really the best person to comment on colour.

just curious - which early 90s artists are you influenced by?