Sleeping Paralysis

This is common for lots of people but yet a lot of people have not yet experienced it, but it should happen at least once in everybody’s lifetime.

If you don’t know what it is this is the best I can explain it.

When your trying to sleep and you feel like a force holding you down and your kind of half awake half asleep. You cannot move your body but your mind is awake. While in this people can have lucid dreams and hallucinate really frightening things happening, and everyone that has this has the same problem. They cannot scream. This is one of the reasons why a some people believe they are being abducted or aliens exist because the dream that they’re in feels so real. A lot of people have dreams of devils and witches and scary things in general chasing them or getting up in there face and it scares the living s*** out of most people.

IN my case, I get this VERY often at least 2-4 times a week depending on my sleeping pattern, but i’ve never had a really scary one like others. You can have an OBE ( Out of body experience ) which makes you feel like you can go anywhere and can travel to outer space ( sounds really weird I know ). I’ve had OBE’s before and they all seem so real but before actually reading into it I never thought much of it, because I know I didn’t go to some random planet while sleeping.

Another problem that a lot of people have are waking up. When you are in sleeping paralysis, you can still hear things from the outside and it can freak the hell out of you depending on the noise. What happens to me a lot is that I have a dream that im sleeping inside a dream. So when I wake up in that dream I think im awake until I find out im still sleeping and the feeling to push to actually wake up in the real world is actually kind of hard mentally. You really gotta concentrate to wake up and when you try to hard again you’ll think you wake up then stop concentrating just to realize your still sleeping.

I’ve never felt an evil presence or anything that actually scared me to a point that I couldn’t fall back asleep. This happens to me when say I wake up early int he morning on a weekend. Go back to sleep about 15 minutes later then it will happen, and you can feel it happening but even if you fight it, and try to sleep normally it will come back. it can happen when you over sleep and try force yourself to sleep. When your really stressed out or anxious it can happen. This only happens when I sleep on my back and I can sort of control when im going in and out of it since its been happening all my life, its not really a problem since everything in the dream and physically hurt you, but it will brainfuck you in the middle of the night. My mom had the same thing happen to her many times too as a child and still happens to her sometimes now. So since it happened to her really frequently im not suprised it happens to me often as well.

tl;dr- scary sheep.

I’ve gotten this maybe three times in my life.

It is some scary shit though. Even if I don’t end up hallucinating or anything, I’m half aware that I haven’t gone to sleep, but my FUCKING BODY WILL NOT COOPERATE AND GET ME UP.

So I’ll just end up lying there, half conscious half ready to sleep, and I’m trying to will myself awake cause this shit tends to happen when you’re in the most uncomfortable position ever.

Sucks to be you man. 2-4 times a week? My god.

I actually have this…It’s annoying as fuck. I’ll go for long spurts of this not happening and then suddenly It’ll happen to me non stop for like 3 weeks at a time.

I fuckin hate it when there’s people nearby and I’m trying to scream out help but the only thing I can get out is a stifled ‘eghhh…’ and my eyes are WIDE FUCKIN OPEN. It’s obvious that I’m having a problem but whoever it is that’s near me is just staring at me and not doing anything. HELP ME MOTHER FUCKER!

We get a thread about this every year.

I get these every couple of months or so. I fucking hate them and often times they are accompanied by “hallucinations” and other strange phenomenon. Oh god I hope this thread hasn’t jinxed me.:sweat:

I got this earlier today. It seriously scares the shit outta me when I try to breathe and I wont exhale and then I just stop moving for 5-10 seconds and then just get up too fast.

I have had this happen to me lots of times.

The worst time was when I had to go to work. I wake up around 11 am to check what time it is because i had to leave for work at 12:30, so i think well i got 30 more mins of sleep. I go back to sleep for a little, and i got up for work 30 minutes later. I get ready for work and start driving, as i’m driving i feel that something is off, like i was in a haze. Than i realize, oh shit! i’m still asleep and this is a dream! I quickl open my eyes and my body is frozen. I start to panic because I’m going to be late for work because it was already 12:15 pm. I concentrated super hard to get my body up, after about a minute or so, i get enough strength to shoot out of my bed and get ready as fast as possible. I had to explain to my boss I overslept a bit, thank god he didn’t really mind.

Another time a while back, i had this blue cover i slept under, and i had Sleep Paralysis, i woke up thinking i’m still in a dream, and all i see is blue, my dumbass self thought i was drowning in the ocean and was forcing m self to breath real hard because i would stop breathing if i didn’t think to. Thank god i got up real fast after realizng i’m just under my sheets. lol.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Scary as fuck, man.

Happens to me at least once a month. Most terrifying thing ever.

Hmmm, while I’ve never been unable to move I have taken control of my dreams in the past. I was in the mid-sleep area where I could control what I was doing and even realize that I was dreaming. I once told myself to wake up as I knew I was having a nightmare. These are very rare but I’d love for them to happen more often.

I’ve never had it before but I’ve had friends who have. They said its some scary shit.

Although my whole life I’ve had this sensation sometimes like when I’m starting to doze off while lying in bed that all of a sudden I’m falling. I feel like I spaz out for a sec or something (like jerk awake) and thats it.

Also had fever dreams when I was little that I was falling down an endless well with like a really smooth surface. Wonder if theyre related?

you can have lucid dreams at will if you practice
if you experience sleep paralysis and you dont freak out, you can have the biggest trip of your life
You’re conscious, but its just your mind, so it can be extremely fun.

Previous LSD experience makes this easier to digest

this was happening to me a lot a few years back when i was really stressed. the last time it happened this long-faced terrifying looking demon thing had my arms pinned back staring into my eyes. he looked down at my chest and rose up a bit, i know because i felt pressure being lifted off of me. as quicky as he rose up, he dove into my chest (assuming to possess me). right after he violently dug himself inside, my back arched up uncontrollably. then i was able to move.

fucking terrifying.

wow sounds crazy as hell.
maybe some of you will transform into demons later =/

thought you was Scratchula

Aaaaah yes good old sleeping paralysis.

I as well get this alot. I sleep, I suddenly dream of some fucked up shit and I wake up inside a dream and try to get out of bed but I can’t cause my body won’t respond. This could go all possible ways. Either I dream of waking up again and the dream changes into some less frightening or I wake up in the same dream where the body ain’t moving and I’m trying to yell but the most I can get out is a “mhhh” “mhhh!”. Here’s what’s funny and I’m glad you brought it up. EVERY SINGLE TIME this has happend I wake up laying on my back. Always! So I take it it could be breathing related or something. This goes even futher in my case. Whenever I have nightmares, I ALWAYS wake up laying on my back, that’s why I never go to sleep on my back, ever. Fucked up!

I’ve gotten this once in my life. it involved me literally laying in bed just staring at the ceiling until a loud noise “woke me up”

Yeah, we do get at least one of these threads every year.

Fortunately, I can’t recall ever experiencing this. I’ve had some dreams where I wake up after having some weird experience in a dream and I’m not in a sleeping experience. I remember having one dream where I thought Sadako (of The Ring/Ringu fame) was in my room. I sat up from my bed and yelled “Who’s there?!” at some black, ghostly looking blob in my room. I ended up throwing my pillow at it. I somehow woke up right after that, immediately turned on a lamp next to my bed, and looked around in a panic. After realizing it was a dream, I calmed down and picked up my pillow that was on the other side of the room. :lol:

Another dream I had I remember getting really angry at this guy in my dream. I screamed loudly and ended up punching the guy. I think I punched my pillow really hard and maybe even yelled in real life, because when I woke up I was sitting up or something in my bed. Weird stuff.

I usually have the same 3 dreams that I can half ass control but they’re actually hard to remember. One I have often is that I’m in my highschool just wandering everything is normal but I’m by myself and water starts going up to my knees and I feel very wet but I wake up dry :confused:

Another one when going to sleep with music playing it can definately mess with you. I had sing for the moment by eminem playing when I went into this so then I had a dream that I was at a concert in my school, then after the song was done it switched to a rock song and startled me awake… thats why I make sleeping playlists now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had this happen to me once, “I woke up” but could not move, a few seconds later, I really did wake up and moved. To be honest, it was kind of scary.