Everyones heard the Slenderman meme Im sure. Tall scary guy with weird arms and no face who just watches you wherever you go until you eventually go insane and then he takes you. Well, they made a game based off of him and it will SCARE THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUTTA YOU! It’s really a very simple concept. You run around a forest at night looking for 8 drawings relating to Slenderman. All you have is a flashlight that constantly gets weaker. The more drawings you collect, the more urgent Slenderman pursues you.

Here’s where to get it from:

And here’s the trailer for those interested

Lol enjoy. Im never playing this game again lolol :confused:


Why no, I have never heard of Slenderman.
Sounds like some kind of scat spyware porn installer.


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Well, if there is a TV tropes page it has got to be legit.
You’d be skeptical too if you downloaded the “slenderfast” tool bar and ended up ruining your parents computer.




Yeah you can close this shit thread now please.


Here is the entire game:

Walk around, find stupid pieces of paper, walk some more until Slenderman gets you. THE END.

Since there is no goal of winning or doing fucking anything I have no idea how this is considered a game.


Lol this is the first and last time I will EVER make a thread in GD. Goddamn, nothing but trolls in here


What the fuck is this trash? White people do silly shit on the internet.


This game is dope! It is really freaking creepy! Got to play this game! Wth are yall hating so bad?


Wait, I don’t get this game. So you run around collect sheets of paper, and then some dude(?) stalks you and then your TV screen spazzes out and you gotta collect that shit all over again?! WTF, this game is ass!

What’s so scary about this game? I fuckin’ cussed out loud because I had 7 sheets and was like “FUCK YOU!!” because it’s so goddamn annoying collecting that shit again. I guess the game is scary as in “frustrating”, then yes, this game is scary as fuck.

I wanna say, maybe it’s because he doesn’t jump out be all like “BOO, I’M SCARY!!” that this game has no terror behind it. But Silent Hill games freak me out, so I dunno.

Overall, I give this game a 1 out of 10. FUCK YOU OP FOR WASTING MY FUCKIN’ TIME!!!


Andle-Jack-cay is a blatant rip off of Slenderman. But the thing is Andle-Jack-cay is the real deal. You say his name and you are gone. Wow that was the most I mentioned Andle-Jack-cay without actually saying Candle-Jack, I am so cle


jesus christ you idiots why did you have to say candl


Its full of trolls because you gave a mediocre game its own fucking thread. You deserve every insult and troll you get in here.
Dead space scares me more than the slender remake. But there is nothing scarier than the original slender. The graphics give me nightmares.


Lol all a matter of opinion uhhh gamerguy. I enjoyed it.
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