SLI Video Cards

Does anyone know if SLI video cards are actually worth their price?

For example… if I were to buy this video card

If I bought two of them, would performance actually be doubled, or would there only be like an 80% performance increase or something? In otherwords, is doubling the price worth the performance boost?

In my opinion, no, SLI is not worth the price. It does not double performance. Check Tom’s Hardware for benchmarks.

Completely agree with Starcade RIP. Save your money.

Depends entirely on the card. My friend managed to bodge a pair of Voodoo 2s into running SLI on an old board and was out-benching low-end cards (it was pulling about par with a Radeon 9200, I think). With current stuff? Not really.

Voodoo 2 would never outperform Radeon 9200. 9200 was a low end at its generation but come on - Voodoo 2 is like 10 years old now.

SLI might be a good idea for upgrading. You buy one card now and the next one when you would have to upgrade. SLI-capable motherboards are rather expensive though, I’d go with a single graphics card.

SLI is only worth it if you want to play at real high resolutions, normally a single high end video card outperforms 2x last generation Video cards (a single 8800Ultra outperforms 2x 7900GTX in SLI, a single 7900GTX outperforms 2x 6800Ultra in SLI, and so on…) so I preffer to save that money and just get whatever newest high video card comes to the market and sell the old one.

go with the single cards, SLI is for showoffs

Aight cool, thanks guys!

Depends on the software at least as much if not more than it depends on the cards. As of now, SLI/Crossfire is pretty much just a toy.

SLI is for people with way too much money lying around.

The only situation I can think of would have been 2 8800 GT’s in SLI outperforming an 8800 Ultra. You would actually spend less money on the 8800 GT’s. Realistically though, it’s not worth it at all. I have one 8800 GT and I’m more than satisfied with it.

just buy a standard 8800gtx and overclock the gpu yourself. thats all they do on their higher end ones.(like the oc edition ones).

unless i are trying to play some crazy game like some of the new ones that use dx10 sli is really not worth it.
also to answer your question on sli performance increase. a single 8800gtx vs a sli 8800gtx there is about a 20-30% increase and is not worth spending your money one =)