Slide infinite

Just to be clear, it’s c.RH xx sj, dash down+attack, c.LK, c.RH, repeat from sj?

First of all the attack must whiff,

Second of all its dash db or df. Dashing straight down is a version of the slide infinite that only works on some characters, Gief, Tron, Cable, Captain America, Blackheart among them. You are better off practising db and just switching to dash down to be fancy

How about dashing down+forward lk,rh after the inital hit, I always had a hard time doing this infinite so some more pointiers would be helpful.

Go to training mode, pick Magneto and Psylocke AAA. Pick a random opponent such as say Amingo. Begin the usual combo, short, short, psylocke, then as the opponent is falling juggle them with a crouching short then follow up with a crouching roundhouse.

At this point, the opponent will begin to fly over your head. Super jump up and immediately cancel the super jump with a triangle jumped short (you can use other attacks but this is easiest for me). You can triangle jump either down forward or down back. Both directions work correctly it is just a matter of preference. This tri jumped short is meant to whiff so you can land before your opponent does. You want to land before your opponent so you can land another juggle. This is the basic principle behind the slide infinite. Landing before your opponent enabling you to juggle forever.

Now, you are on the ground before your opponent has landed. You will now want to land another juggling crouching short to keep your opponent in the air. After landing this juggled short, follow up with another crouching roundhouse and repeat the process.

You will find that there is a nice rhythm to the combo when you practice it for awhile. This rhythm will vary depending on how quickly you triangle jump and how precise you are with your triangle jumps. The best way to practice is going to training mode with Magneto/Psylocke AAA, setting the computer to auto roll and just going at it. I’ll add more if anything is unclear.

haha…nice avatar deus


No way man Your nice and clear, thx for your insight.:cool:

Is there a way to setup the slide infiinite with Tron assist? I’m at work, so no way to test this until possibly lunch if I go to the mall for Chinese, if not, when I get home. (Should I bring a TV and Dreamcast to work? I am in my own secluded area and could probably sneak in some games and practice inbetween boredom, hah, that’d be cool.)

But I’m thinking possibly, c.hp + tron, sj.hp, ad d, whiff, into infinite? Can someone check for me? Thanks

wow awesome tips, thanks deus you really made it clear for me, i wasn’t wanting to even try to mess with this infin. but you broke it down to the point that it seems easy. (i know it’s not but you know what i mean)

yeah i can do it and all but there is sometimes like weird effects lets say i tri jump really fast and he falls back on the floor to fast and then i can’t hit the dummy cuz he is going over and i am doing a on the other side so i guess i may have to learn the db way…

Actually, you can do dashdown + lk (whiff) on any character. (well, im not too sure about sentinel) on mosy anybody. Its actually the only way I do it. I never learned otherwise. :sweat:

Everytime i attempt to sj the second time, when i attack to whiff, it hits the opponent. I can’t seem to go around this problem. I’m practicing on traning with zangief as dummy and ad down (cuz i feel more comfortable doing it this way instead of a/d d/b). How do I get around this?


you can do it on storm? show me a vid of this

why is that when i whiff the d/b short i can’t connect the crouching short? am i too slow?

You are either doing it too slow or too fast.

The whiff or the crouching short? Cause I do land before cable hits the ground, i tried to launch him after i whiff with the d/b short but his launcher goes thru him.

after lk lk psy, then lk hk

i can never seem to be able to super jump. after i pop them up with psy do i hit lk hk rite whent they hit the ground, or hit it early so they land on th lk hk??

thanks in advance

The crouching short.

Either/or, they both work. Try to get it so the lk is just before they hit the ground so that it’s a juggle, and not an OTG.

Then once the hk connects, just superjump manually.

Too slow. I have the same problem 99% of the time. After the sj cancel you gotta get back to the ground REALLY fast.

very nice explanation. first time i tried i got 4 cycles. its very easy, still can’t do normal jump infinite :frowning: