iight i know you can slide your fingers for a quick rush down with storm and mag. but my questions is what buttons do you slide your fingers on…i think its the short jab,fierce then short kick is that right? Cuz every time i do it, it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s my timing or something i dunno…oh and is there another way to do the rushdown?

claw method works… fingers 2 and 3 on lp and hp… 1 on low kick… 4 on hard kick.

aye thanks, ill try that out 2day

I claw for lk, slide for hk. index on lp, middle on hp, thumb on lk for claw, otherwise slide middle down to hk.

^ yeah what he said.

thumb = lk

index = lp

middle= hp

ring = assist 1

Claw= Tri jumps starting with lk

Slide= Tri jumps starting with hk.

question… im still new to MvC2 and im still learnin alot and i was wonderin what characters do the teams of MSS, santhrax, and watts consist of i kno scrub is sentinel/cable/commando and MSP is mags/storm/psy but i dont know the rest?

There are huge threads that a stickys at the top of this forum that explain all that, this is comparing and asking about slide method for rush down tri dashing.

MSS (usually) = Mag/Storm/Sent-A
Santhrax (always) = Sent/Storm/Commando (from what I heard, if you start Storm, it’s SSCap)
Watts = BH/Sent/Commando

Hope that helps.